Microsoft Project Rome, The New Attempt to Make Converge The Android Apps with Windows and Xbox

Microsoft takes time now developing plans for the mobile ecosystem, but none of them has managed to materialize so far. Given that the share of Windows Mobile is becoming increasingly smaller, focus on services seems to be an excellent idea to continue to rise in terms of benefits, but system requires apps and Microsoft continues by his particular conception of the connected operating systems.
Continuum is the bet of the company of Nadella to join the mobile with the PC, but it’s a system that only works in Windows, and draw other apps from other systems seems a good idea. With Android already is the second attempt, although it now appears that Astoria Project will have a second life at Project Rome, whose code has already been released.

Programming, multiple systems

The frameworks that allow crear an application and then export it to different systems already exist, although they are mainly used in enterprise environments. It is the system itself that when compiling the application, decide which code to use depending on each operating system. You must know the limitations, of course, as these frameworks are not all-powerful.
Now Microsoft has released Project Rome, something which announced long ago and which is already a reality. A project for which a developer can create an application that runs both Android and Windows, the dream of the Redmond since they began losing ground in the mobile ecosystem. The best thing is that this compatibility It will not be only with Windows Mobile but also with PCs, and Xbox One.
It would be a sort of UWP applications but that they would also run on Android, and the project is logically meant programmers of current apps for Google’s operating system. Microsoft aims to these developers they can operate their app in your operating system without losing sight of the focus of Android and Google Play.

He arrived with the Anniversary Update

Project Rome was announced with the arrival of the update Windows 10 Anniversary and today it is a reality. The project has been developed with the collaboration of Xamarin, a development company that Microsoft acquired nearly a year ago. It is of an SDK for Android that operates entirely in Java and that it is capable of exporting apps compatible with APIs that Microsoft has developed to connect both systems.
As the own Microsoft explains, these developed APIs for Windows 10 are key for these universal applications that span both Android and Windows work. Project Rome wants to break down the barriers between Android and Windows, but also between all Windows devices. The Remote Systems API are a new bid from Microsoft, and that on this occasion the move goes well. You only need the support of the developers.