Melbourne, Australia

Guide to Melbourne: how to get there and where to stay, what to see and where to go in the evening. The most interesting in Melbourne: fresh reviews and photos, places to see, branded entertainment and shopping.

The cultural capital of Australia is a real metropolis, the secrets and beauties of which enchant every tourist, without exception, with stylish architectural buildings, old streets saturated with the spirit of the times and tropical dry winds, and ultra-modern entertainment centers. Tired but satisfied wanderers leave Melbourne for their hometowns, hung with packages of leading brands, exotic souvenirs, giving a vow to return to the land where nature favors the man constantly swarming among the centuries-old redwoods. Recognized as the world’s most livable city, Melbourne is a prime example of a modern, laconic city where history and civilization live side by side.

How to get there

A lot of large European and Asian companies from Russia fly to Melbourne with connections in Seoul, Dubai, Hong Kong, London and other cities. In addition, you can get here by plane from Sydney. Check bridgat for other cities and countries as well as climate and weather in Australia and Oceania.


In Melbourne, traveling on the tram network, the largest in the world, will be a special pleasure. You can use the metro and buses, the ticket price is about 3.5 USD. And you can shush and take a taxi for 7-8 USD. But perhaps the most economical and convenient way to explore the picturesque Melbourne and its surroundings is to rent a car for 53 USD per day. Prices on the page are for March 2021.

Entertainment and attractions in Melbourne

The face of Melbourne is Federation Square, whose cultural curiosity is delighted by the majestic National Gallery of Victoria. The soul of the foppish city is stored in the halls of the Melbourne Museum, located in Carlton Gardens. You can get acquainted with the history of the city and the peculiarities of its life from 9.00 to 17.00.

The panorama of Melbourne will turn your head, hospitably and cordially swinging open on the observation deck of the Eureka skyscraper. By the way, Rialto Towers is a whole complex of high-rise office buildings in Melbourne, considered the tallest in the Southern Hemisphere. The building is located at 525 Collins Street, in the west end of Melbourne’s CBD.

Melbourne Zoo will delight not only small tourists, but older curious ones will have to open their mouths with delight. Kangaroo, dingo, platypus, koala – a real exotic lives 4 km north of the center of Melbourne at Elliott Avenue, Parkville 3052. Entrance is from 9.00 to 17.00. Website:

Another volley of sightseeing and educational joy can be obtained from the loopholes of the Old Melbourne Gaol (Old Melbourne Gaol) on Russell Street. Stories about 135 hanged in the walls of this fortress excite the imagination. Moreover, the opportunity to visit the stone creepy corridors during the night tour will enhance the effect. The prison is open every day.

The fantasy world of sculptor Bruno Torfs is hidden among the tropical jungle in the pretty town of Marysville near Melbourne. His humor, craftsmanship and fine taste are embodied in the intricate, witty statues that he has spent over 25 years creating. How much the entrance costs, each guest decides for himself. And why not look into the famous Captain Cook’s Cottage, whose address is Fitzroy Gardens, Wellington Parade, East Melbourne VIC 3002. The place is pleasant, working hours: from 9.00 to 17.00. Website:

Also worth a visit is the Victorian Arts Center, which hosts performances by the famous Melbourne Ballet Company, as well as opera and drama performances, concerts, The Myer Music bowl – a huge open area where music concerts are held, “Polly Woodside” (Polly Woodside), an old ship that has now become a museum, the National Museum with an exhibition dedicated to the dramatic struggle of the natives for equal rights with whites, the Royal Botanic Gardens (Royal Botanic Gardens), where oaks, azaleas, bamboo grow in abundance, magnolias, tree ferns, pines and palms.

The Phillip Island Penguin Parade is an unforgettable sight: every evening tiny penguins come out of the ocean and file in single file across the beach to their nests in the coastal bushes, completely ignoring the crowds of tourists frantically clogging the flash cards of their digital cameras.

Melbourne nightlife

Driven by hectic business life during the day, Melbourne’s heartbeat never lets up at night. As soon as the neon lights of signs and lanterns light up, numerous entertainment and drinking establishments open their doors, the best of which are imposingly located on Chapel Street and Brunswick Street, but on King Street already from the incendiary rhythms coming from many clubs, you want to move without stopping. The best parties are at Melbourne Metro Nightclub and QBH.

The banks of the Yarra River, which flows through the city center, are home to most of the restaurants, clubs and entertainment centers.

6 things to do in Melbourne

  1. Test the strength of the nervous system at the attraction “On the Edge” (Edge Experience), which is located in the skyscraper “Eureka”. Being in a glass cube, which will slowly move out of the building, you will see how the earth literally leaves from under your feet and an urban abyss opens up.
  2. Shop for nice local souvenirs at the largest outdoor market in the Southern Hemisphere, the Queen Victoria Market (known in Melbourne as the “Queen Vic”). Address: Center of the city’s business district, between Queen Street West and Franklin Street East. 7 hectares of colorful products, dishes, shoes, delicacies, mountains of knick-knacks, stalls with antique goodies – there really is plenty to choose from.
  3. Play roulette at the colossally large and luxurious Crown Casino. This is a whole “city within a city” – this is how Melbourne residents say about their favorite entertainment center, where life is in full swing at night.
  4. Take a photo in front of the monument to Charles La Trobe, the main feature of which is that it stands upside down on a pedestal. Modern art, that’s what it is!
  5. To eat a kangaroo steak, however, you should be prepared to pay about 260 USD per 1 kg.
  6. Join an English speaking tour of Melbourne, for example with Gray Line Tours, which will take you through the beauty of the Dandenong forest with English commentary.


It is here that the Australian “grand prix” of Formula 1, the tennis “grand prix” of Australia, the finals of the world championships in Australian football and cricket are held. It also hosts most of the Australian exhibitions and world-class conferences. Avalon, a suburb of Melbourne, hosts one of the world’s major air shows, the Avalon Show.

Melbourne, Australia