Make Unique Table Decorations Yourself

I like to design my table decorations myself. Instead of resorting to ready-made items, you can add a personal touch to every table with a self-made table decoration. And with a few tricks, arranging a suitable table setting for a special occasion takes little time.

A simple, beautiful table can be transformed into a festive table in just a few simple steps. Usually no excessive table decoration is necessary to create a particularly beautiful table. As so often, the key here is in the details. Small attentions and refined decorative details ensure a special evening. I have collected a few nice ideas for table decorations that are easy to implement and inexpensive, but still have a great effect. To see carpet for the childrens room, please check listofledlights.

Italian or Asian?

An evening with friends, but also a romantic evening for two, can be excellently dedicated to a special country or continent. In this way you can perfectly coordinate food and table decoration. For an Asian evening, it makes sense to keep the table completely white. White tablecloth, white crockery and white cups for sake. It is best to use green, fresh banana leaves as placemats for a splash of colour. And, depending on your taste, either colorful chopsticks as a small break in style, or, classically elegant, dark cotton napkins and matching chopsticks made of dark wood.

For an Italian evening we need a red and white checked tablecloth, red and white checked napkins and a nice wine carafe. A couple of grissini as a combination of starter and table decoration and a rosemary napkin ring as a special eye-catcher. For this we need a little wire and fresh rosemary, which is simply wrapped around the wire.

It gets a little more unusual on a Caribbean evening. For this I recommend you to put mini palm trees in small raffia baskets and decorate the table with a runner made of bamboo sticks.

Make Unique Table Decorations Yourself

For orientation: place cards

Place cards not only serve as orientation and avoid chaotic situations when choosing a chair, they also show every guest in small groups that he or she is welcome. The Buddha place cards are a nice idea. For this we need mini Buddhas, which are each placed in a small bowl filled with water and a beautiful flower. The name cards are attached with double-sided adhesive tape. T he Buddhas are table decorations, place cards and a small gift for the guest at the same time. Homemade biscuits with the name on the glaze are a charming idea, and not just at Christmas time.

Or place cards showing the guest’s favorite food. A nice and very practical idea, especially at parties, is to put a preserving rubber band with your name on the glasses. It looks good and everyone can find their glass again.

Make Unique Table Decorations Yourself