Maine Public Schools by County

The Maine territory was discovered in 1498 by the navigator Jean Cabot. In 1604, Pedra de Montes founded the colony of the island Sainte-Cruz; the region was then populated by Amerindian Algonquins. English colonization was undertaken by the Plymouth Company in 1607, and Maine – whose economy has long rested essentially on the production of fur and timber – annexed to Massachusetts in 1658.

The independence movement towards Massachusetts began in 1785 around; however, the separation became effective only in 1819, Maine joining the Union on March 15, 1820 and becoming right there as the 23rd American state. At the long end of a territorial controversy between the United States and Britain over Maine and the Canadian province of New Brunswick, the state’s border has definitely been fixed by the 1842 Webster-Ashburton treaty.

Maine experienced strong economic growth until the 1860s, supplying the country with timbers, textiles, fishery products and shipbuilding.

Furthermore, it was the first American state to establish a prohibition law in 1851. After the S├ęcession war however, the emergence of steel-hulled ships and the departure of the textile industry outside News-England contributed to its economic decline.

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Despite the development of tourism and modern industry at the end of the nineteenth century, the state in fact experienced a long period of withdrawal, the consequences of which were still noticeable after the Second World War. The 1980s, on the other hand, were marked by a return to prosperity in the whole of the News-England; that is how the state of Maine went from 1980 to 1989 from the 39th to the 21st national rank for per capita income.

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  • Maine is a state of United States, which is a country in North America that also has Mexico, Canada and more.

Foxcroft Academy – Dover-Foxcroft

Foxcroft Academy was founded in 1823. Based in Dover-Foxcroft, it is one of the oldest college preparatory private schools in America. The place Dover-Foxcroft with approx. 4,200 inhabitants is located in a rural area, but there are many leisure activities here, such as skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, snowmobiling, rafting, swimming, hiking and cycling.

Foxcroft Academy offers its students a challenging college prep curriculum with 142 courses and 21 AP courses . There are currently 410 students in grades 9-12 attending school. Boarding school life at Foxcroft Academy is more than just a school, it’s about working together on site. School staff and teachers are very proud of the new dorms that were built for over $ 7 million and are very well equipped. There is a living area for the girls and one for the boys, the rooms all have wireless LAN connection, TVs with sports and film channels. There is one more

Common room with fireplace, which can be used by students for evenings and weekends and parties. The boarding parents, who live with the young people, are available around the clock for all questions and discussions.

There are many things to do together on the weekends, whether it’s shopping trips in Freeport to the outlet center, skiing in some of the best ski areas in Maine or whale watching – there’s always something exciting to do. Of course, the Foxcroft Academie also encourages students to take part in cultural events such as visiting a musical, an art exhibition or a music event. Every year the school organizes guided trips to New York or Boston, for example.

There are also a lot of sports here, 32 sports teams that are also very successful and have already won several titles are waiting for beginners who are enthusiastic about sports, as well as the over 20 different clubs in which the young people can get involved to their hearts’ content.

Universities, scientific institutions in Maine

University of New England
The University of Maine is an independent university with a campus in Biddeford and one in Portland. It was founded in Biddeford in 1939 as a pure boy colleague and renamed the University of New England in 1978 after its association with the New England Foundation for Osteopathic Medicine. It offers both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees on site as well as distance learning.


University of Maine in Augusta
The University of Maine in Augusta is one of nine universities in the University of Maine Systems. It has a campus in the state capital, Augusta, as well as in Bangor, but also offers courses in other cities. The university, founded in 1965, offers a comprehensive range of courses, which is divided into three colleges: arts and humanities, mathematics and professional studies, and natural and social sciences.


Central Maine Community College
Central Maine Community College is in Auburn and is one of seven colleges in the Maine Community College System. About 2,700 students study in the college founded in 1963. The courses offered there are mainly technical or economic in nature.


Maine Maritime Acadamy
The Maine Maritime Acadamy is a state college founded in the 1930s with approximately 800 students in the city of Castine. The Maine Maritime Acadamy is one of six shipping schools in Maine. However, most of the graduates do not work on the high seas, but mainly in coastal work or similar industries.


Bowdoin College
The Bowdoin College in Brunswick, founded in 1794, is considered to be very renowned and is one of the traditionally most respected colleges in New England. Famous graduates include Nathaniel Hawthorne, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, George Mitchell and William Cohen. Since 2008, all students at Bowdoin College have been supported by scholarships.


Public Schools in Maine by County

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