Made-to-measure Stair Cupboards

Anyone who lives in a multi-storey home knows the problem: although the connection of several floors with stairs looks elegant and opens up the rooms visually, the space under the steps is difficult to use. Either it stays completely empty or it becomes a collection point for shoes, cleaning utensils, boxes and bags, which are piled up there in a chaotic manner. With the right furniture, the space can easily be transformed into practical storage space. The magic word is “stair cupboard”. Everything you need to know about under stair cupboards is in this post.

Stair cupboards from – your options:

  • Closet with slope on the right
  • Closet with slant left
  • Closet with slope at the back
  • With doors or open as a shelf
  • With a continuous or stepped slope
  • Corner stair cupboard

Which type of stair cupboard is suitable for you depends entirely on your spatial situation. Is it a staircase in the entrance area or does it lead to the basement? Is it open in the middle of the room or does it run along the side of the wall? Below we present our ideas for the most common room situations.

Stair cupboards in the entrance area

The entrance area is the calling card of your home – it is the first thing visitors see. So of course you want to ensure a particularly neat and tasteful appearance. If your staircase is in the entrance area, it offers you the perfect opportunity to elegantly store shoes and jackets. Configure a stair cupboard with a slope as your new wardrobe . Inside, clothes rails and clothes lifts create ample opportunities for hanging up jackets and coats. You can even equip your stair cupboard with fitted shoe shelves that are slanted towards the front.

We recommend that you vary between open and closed elements for the stair cupboard in the entrance area. Behind revolving doors you stow away clothes and shoes that are not in season. You can also equip the doors with mirrors for a final check before leaving the house. The open elements without a door, on the other hand, are suitable for everything you currently need almost every day: light shoes in spring and summer, rubber boots, umbrella and rain jacket in autumn, lined boots in winter. Drawers and drawers are also professionals at storing gloves, hats and scarves.

Stair Cupboards

Tip: Place a small bench near your stair cupboard that you can comfortably put on your shoes on.

Cupboards under basement stairs

Especially when it comes to the basement, the space under stairs is prone to chaos. “Nobody’s looking here,” one could claim, but even then there is potentially valuable storage space hidden there. The cupboards under the basement stairs can be used in a variety of ways: from sleeping bags and sleeping mats to sports equipment, everything that there is no space for in other rooms can be stored here. Don’t your stairs lead down directly to the basement, but to a storage room? Then the stair cupboard can be used as a multi-purpose cupboard for cleaning tools and hand tools.

Some apartments or houses have a room in the basement that is used as a study. You may have even redesigned a basement room especially for this since the pandemic began. Then the custom-made staircase cupboard can serve as a file or office cupboard and be supplemented by a height- adjustable desk. Even those who have a guest room in the basement will find a sloping cupboard under the stairs useful – for example to store bed linen and towels there.

Tip: You can also plan your stair cupboard as a corner cupboard. To do this, select the “Corner cabinet” product on our website and then the “Corner cabinet with sloping” version.

Stair cupboards in the open living room

Maisonettes in particular are known for their open design. A floor is basically one large room divided by ledges, room dividers, sliding doors , and furniture . Stairs often do not simply extend inconspicuously along the wall, but protrude far into the room. This makes them a central part of the home.

You can use this property to integrate your stair cupboard into the living room, for example. Store electronic devices and remote controls here or display holiday souvenirs, pictures and flowers. Setting up a reading corner is also conceivable: plan the cupboard under the stairs as an open shelf where you can place your book collection. Next to it you set up comfortable armchairs and sofas and create a visual separation from the other rooms with screens.

Stair cupboards with a continuous or stepped incline?

At you have the opportunity to plan your wardrobe so that it fits exactly under the stairs. To do this, you measure the available space with the help of our free measuring instructions and enter the required dimensions in the online configurator. It is also possible to plan the stair cupboard with steps instead of with a continuous slope.

The difference: With the continuous slope, the furniture fits in perfectly, the fitted cabinet lid is only a few centimeters above the slope. With the stepped slope, air is deliberately left upwards. To do this, you configure the individual cabinet elements in different heights, which creates the desired step effect. On the one hand, this is necessary if the slope has an increase of more than 60° – such steep elements cannot be constructed safely. On the other hand, the tiered stair cupboard can definitely be intentional. Due to its layout, it looks airy and relaxed and offers additional storage space, for example for flower vases or other decorative elements.

This is how you plan a cupboard with stepped inclines using the online configurator:

  1. Choose the product type “closet with hinged doors” and the design “freestanding”.
  2. Enter the desired external dimensions. The height corresponds to that of the highest cabinet element.
  3. Determine the number of elements and determine the desired height for each element except the first. Make sure that the gradations are even.
  4. Your plan should now look something like this. The first element has a height of 200 cm. This is followed by a gradation in 25 cm increments.
  5. Now arrange the equipment, fronts and design according to your wishes and look at your plans in the 3D view.

Buy stair cupboards in your desired design

Your home reflects you and your personal style. So why would you buy a stair closet that everyone has? At you can design your dream furniture just the way you want it – almost anything is possible. You determine the exact dimensions and layout of the cabinet yourself, so that it fits perfectly into your room situation. If you do not dare to measure yourself, you are welcome to book our measuring service , which will do this for you. The interior design, for example with shelves, clothes rails, shoe shelves or LED lights is entirely up to you.

When it comes to design, you also have the reins in your hand: determine the type of doors, add glass or mirror fronts and choose your favorites from our large selection of decors . Everything is rounded off by the handles you choose, even a handle-free push-to-open opening is possible. After your order, it will be checked by our furniture experts and sent to our in-house production. In the state-of-the-art production facility, your stair cupboard is made to measure and will be delivered to you within a few weeks. Thanks to the enclosed assembly instructions, assembly is easy for you – or you can book our assembly service directly .

Made-to-measure Stair Cupboards