Made-to-measure Apartments

The way people come together, learn and work is changing – in the long term. In times of social distancing, with a little skill, your own four walls can be transformed into a classroom, office, gym and restaurant at the same time. Find out how you can furnish your multifunctional apartment with individual furniture and the professional tips.

From the home office to your favorite restaurant at home, the multifunctional home is becoming the “new” old center of life. This requires space and, above all, furniture that uses it optimally. Compromises were yesterday, today it’s custom-made furnishing. That ‘s why we offer you individual made-to-measure products for comfortable living without compromise. In the online configurator, your desired furniture can be conveniently designed online for every living situation: whether for the cozy corner in the home cinema, the office and desk corner for homework and business plans or the lounge area for the cocktail happy hour at the weekend. To see wood arts for every room wall, please check proindustrialfans.

Made-to-measure apartments – tips at a glance:

  • The living area becomes a restaurant: custom-made tables, armchairs and sofas , glass cabinets and a house bar
  • At home in the home office: room dividers, shelves and filing cabinets made to measure and height- adjustable desks
  • Home gym: sideboard for training accessories, made-to-measure wardrobe and practical room dividers

Multifunctional living with restaurant flair

You don’t have to do without a candlelight dinner in your apartment either, because it’s easy to create a cozy restaurant atmosphere at home. If you have a large dining room, it’s easy. But even in the living room you can equip a separate area.

Made-to-measure Apartments

For this romantic, cozy and convivial facet of multifunctional living, you need a custom-made table that can accommodate a couple or the whole family, as well as matching chairs, armchairs or a sofa . The dining area can be separated soundproof and odor-proof with a sliding door . Your wine collection makes an even more elegant impression with flickering candlelight in a custom-made glass display case . And for an aperitif or nightcap, you can quickly move to your individually furnished bar area, complete with counter and sideboard or hanging board.

What you need for your restaurant at home:

  • A custom-made dining table for several people
  • Chairs, armchairs and/or sofas that harmonize visually
  • Sliding door for spatial and acoustic separation
  • Glass showcase for wine collection and fine glasses or crockery
  • Sideboards and hanging boards for the bar area
  • Candles and other decorative elements for the atmosphere

Create a home office in multifunctional rooms

Once viewed critically by employers, working from home is becoming the new standard in many companies. Children’s e-learning also requires a quiet workplace. Whether in the living room or children’s room: room dividers help to create a working and learning island far away from a closed office. For example, they can be implemented easily and perfectly using a sliding door or functional, made- to-measure shelves . Not only do materials find their usual place, but the room experiences a multifunctional usage concept without compromises.

A height-adjustable desk is the heart of this area – with an ergonomic setup you prevent neck and back problems. Shelves and filing cabinets offer space for files and school materials and, in the lockable version, also protect confidential documents.

What you need for your home office:

  • Room divider, eg screen or sliding door
  • A height-adjustable desk
  • Custom- made shelves for files or school supplies
  • Lockable filing cabinets or sideboards
  • plants and good lighting

Multifunctional apartment with a home gym

Online sports offers are more in demand than ever – and multifunctional living is adapting: With just a few simple steps and the right equipment, a small fitness area can be set up in your own four walls. In addition to yoga mats and dumbbells, these include, for example, room dividers that enable visual and acoustic separation. A practical sideboard can be used to store training accessories. Of course, you can also store this in a custom-made wardrobe that has several separate elements.

What you need for your home gym:

  • Room divider for optical and acoustic separation
  • Sideboard for storing training equipment
  • A tailor-made wardrobe for sportswear, training equipment, etc.

Four walls, many possibilities. The time has come for your tailor-made apartment! Have you already discovered multifunctional living for yourself? To ensure that your made-to-measure furniture fits perfectly in the end, we have put together a few important tips for measuring your rooms and furniture .

Made-to-measure Apartments