Living Trends in Summer: Beautiful Moments on Hot Days

Long, warm summer evenings, late sunsets and profound conversations under the starry sky – all this is best enjoyed on the balcony or terrace in summer. With the current living trends, summer outdoors is even more beautiful. But even if it’s raining, you don’t have to give up the summer, because you can adapt your interior design to the summer with small changes. This article shows you how to do it. To see wall decoration with blackboard foils, please check bestcraftblog.

Summer living trends for the balcony and terrace

Comfortable lounge furniture makes your outdoor area guest-friendly and invites you to linger. If you can’t get them quickly, you can also use discarded Euro pallets to build a cozy sofa landscape for outdoors: set up the pallets as desired, cut them to size if necessary and drape cozy upholstery in summery colors – done. The living trends in summer include light covers, for example in mint green, sunny yellow or sky blue.

The right decoration should not be missing on the balcony and terrace in summer. Checkered tablecloths in white and red create a real picnic feeling, while fabrics in blue and white evoke thoughts of the beach and the sea. Fresh flowers always fit anyway, but vanilla flower, scented stone, lavender or elven mirror conjure up a fragrance experience on the balcony that even lets you smell the summer.

Living Trends in Summer

For atmospheric evenings in summer, homemade lanterns are wonderfully suitable as decoration. They harmonize with a table decoration made of copper , which shines and shines magically in the evening light. Ideally, the summer decoration also acts as protection against annoying insects, for example with special mosquito-repellent scented candles.

Living trends in summer also for the apartment

If it’s raining outside even in August, simply bring that summer feeling inside. A special summer living trend, for example, is the Mediterranean style of living , which brings memories of the Mediterranean holiday right into your home with earth tones, solid wood furniture and light fabrics. White armchairs , cushions with blue horizontal stripes and lots of self-collected shells go well with this.

The longing for summer far away is awakened by brightly painted furniture and richly colored fabrics that bring a touch of the exotic with them. Maybe you are already planning your next trip to the beach of Goa or to the coast of Africa?

Of course, you can’t follow every summer living trend – especially since there are other seasons as well. Even if your summer decor stays the same, you can change up a few details to create a different mood. This includes textiles in particular – in summer, for example, airy curtains, linen fabrics and light-colored sofa cushions. Small rattan baskets, lace tablecloths or a veil as a “sky” over the bed can create a lot of summer mood.

Creative ideas for the summer

If you want to go a step further and celebrate summer in a special way, try the following creative summer outdoor living trends:

  • Outdoor kitchen: An outdoor kitchen is quite simply a grill with one or more hotplates added. Even a small gas burner and an improvised worktop result in a small kitchen in which you can cook, laugh and of course eat together – all on a warm evening under the starry sky. This goes well with chilled drinks and summery cocktails.
  • Pond on the balcony: No, you don’t even need a garden for that. A simple zinc tub (which looks good both in its actual color and painted a beautiful blue) is filled with water and stocked with aquatic plants. Instead of water plants, you can also use cut off flower heads and also place floating candles on the water surface. This summer living trend also guarantees refreshment – just carefully put your feet in and cool off!

By the way: If you are reading this article in winter, you might be looking for coziness. Then we recommend reading more about the hygge style or winter balcony plants .

Living trends in summer