Living Style in Great Britain: Cozy and a Bit Eccentric

The British are known for their humor, their cultural mix and the often bad weather in their country. Some of these components can also be found in the British style of living. You can’t quite imagine it yet? Then read this article and be amazed at how external circumstances influence the style of living in Great Britain.

Great Britain: Mix of cultures

Due to Britain’s long colonial rule, the British have embraced many different cultural influences. The style of living, which is reminiscent of Great Britain, is very similar: a baroque-style stool, which also serves as a coffee table, is often placed next to the classic sofa . Despite the many different colors and pieces of furniture, the residents manage to make the British style of living seem somehow harmonious. Personality and comfort are more important than sticking to a clear style.

Living Style in Great Britain

British furnishings with a feel-good factor

The British “drizzle” (drizzle) is legendary. It’s no wonder that the interior design style in Great Britain is all about comfort. It is a well-known fact that the British don’t let anything shake them – and so they set up even the smallest rented apartments with comfortable furniture and upholstered benches , footstools and side tables. The wide wingback chairs can still be seen on British television shows – such as Sherlock Holmes – as well as heavy chests of drawers , dark shelves and the obligatory tea table.

Wood is the material of choice in interior styles reminiscent of Britain: the darker and heavier, the better. Dark oak or dark red mahogany are among the classics. Large wardrobes , heavy shelves and small side tables are perfect if you want to furnish your home in a British style.

Overall, the furnishing style in Great Britain seems rather dark and somewhat cramped. The apartments of the British are often rather small. Instead, indirect light conjures up cozy reading islands and the large, dark wooden desk looks almost royal. So you can live comfortably even in rain or fog.

Incidentally, the heart of the British style of living is the fireplace, which many Britons have preserved to this day. If you want to furnish your home in a British style, you should definitely use the mantel: family photos are traditionally placed here, or old heirlooms, clocks or souvenirs are placed.

Decor and textiles in the style of British living

British humor and British weather come together in the decoration. The residents don’t take themselves too seriously and don’t allow themselves to be dictated to in terms of furnishings. This is how the craziest decorative objects come together: Vinyl records as wall decorations, old car plates and African wood carvings – they don’t necessarily have to go together.

Textiles are important in the style of living based on Great Britain, because they protect against the notorious British weather: cozy blankets, sofa cushions, upholstered stools and thick curtains are a must. The typical checked pattern and large-flowered pattern, which sometimes seem a bit old-fashioned, are popular.

In addition to the famous checked pattern, the so-called paisley pattern with the curved leaf is also very popular. The pattern owes its name to the Scottish industrial town of Paisley. The motif originally comes from India and found its way to Great Britain during the colonial period and thus also to the prevailing style of living there. Today it adorns, for example, fine cashmere scarves, furniture covers, clothing and wrapping paper

One last tip for your British interior: Nowhere else in the home does five o’clock tea taste better than on a typically British sofa in front of the open fire.

Living Style in Great Britain