Living Style in America

The United States of America is about 27 times the size of Germany, but has only about a tenth of the population per square kilometer. There is space in America – at least in areas outside of the big cities like New York or Los Angeles – so there is enough. In addition to gigantic shopping centers, big sleds on the streets and big houses, the motto “XXL” is also reflected in America’s living style. In this article you will find out how to furnish your house in an American style, even if it should not be XXL. To see unique embellishment with a kitchen splashback in a modern design, please check bestcraftblog.

There is no “one” American style of living

Many different cultures meet in the USA: Even today, some Americans proudly report that they are “one sixteenth” Irish or French. Of course, the immigrants brought their own traditions, cultures and styles with them, so there can’t be a “one” style of living based on America.

Nevertheless, some general statements can be made. For example, that in America everything is a bit bigger than here: we know from the famous Hollywood films large living rooms with huge sofas or spacious bedrooms with king-size beds . In large kitchens there are often huge refrigerators, usually even with an integrated ice crusher. Open kitchens are popular, sometimes with cooking islands or a bar table for a quick breakfast.

Another special feature: Americans often like built-in closets . They use all niches and create a lot of storage space – a tip that we can take to heart. With custom-made niche cabinets , you can perform a similar miracle, even if your home is a lot smaller.

Living Style in America

Furnish American in country style

As I said, there is no such thing as one style. The American country style, which relies on traditional craftsmanship, is definitely popular. For example, there is the furniture of the Shakers, which, with its simplicity and functionality, is reminiscent of the rather minimalist attitude to life of this religious group. The style of living, which is based on American culture, also includes the classic Shaker rocking chair – traditionally made of maple or walnut wood – and the comfortable Hollywood swing, which the Americans call “porch swing” and has nothing to do with Hollywood.

To set up your living room in an American way, go for a warm, inviting atmosphere: Light colors like cream or light beige for the walls, window and picture frames painted white, cozy carpets on the floor. The same applies to the bedroom, with an even greater focus on textiles: American living styles include light, soft fabrics, but also linen with striped or floral patterns. And blankets and pillows for the bed and sofa should not be missing either. Upholstered chairs, armchairs and stools also go well with it .

Retrofitting the kitchen in an American style is a little more difficult because, as described above, the living style begins with the planning of the cooking island or the bar table. But you can also easily create a lot of atmosphere with a large dining table made of natural wood – or with shelves and cupboards with knobs in bright colors.

Overall, accents in white, grey, brown or beige go well with the American style of living. Wood painted white or individual splashes of color in yellow or red also contribute to the overall American look.

Decorating tips for furnishing in American style

With these three tips you can give your American interior the finishing touch:

  1. Tapestries and Quilts:These traditional wall decorations are still extremely popular today. If you feel like it, you can even sew the quilts yourself from various scraps of fabric – a tradition that is still practiced today, for example to make wedding or christening gifts.
  2. Tin Signs:These look great in the kitchen, but they also go well with the rest of the home. Often you can even buy such signs very cheaply, and they bring a real American feeling with them.
  3. Posters and placards: Old movies, stars from the 60s, invasions from space – with posters and placards you bring nostalgia into your American-style house and you can also immortalize your interests on the walls.

Inspired? Then we hope you enjoy setting it up the American way!

Living Style in America