Living Style from Scandinavia

Geographically, Scandinavia includes the countries of the Scandinavian Peninsula: Norway and Sweden. Because of the cultural, historical and linguistic similarities, Denmark also belongs to Scandinavia. The Scandinavian style of living is one of the most popular furnishing trends among Germans . Why is that and what are the characteristics of the so-called Scandi style? To see floor coverings for the childrens room, please check listofledlights.

Set up simple and practical in the Scandinavian style of living

In Scandinavia, the forms are kept rather simple and the design is straightforward and uncomplicated. The Scandinavians also prefer things to be practical: fashionable embellishments and flourishes are rarely found. Energy efficiency also plays a major role in Scandinavian architecture. The living world of Scandinavia or the “Scandinavian style of living” cannot be described in one article – too many different style elements come together here. Nevertheless, we would like to try to give you a little insight into the world of Scandinavian living.

Living Style from Scandinavia

Furnish in a Scandinavian style with a love of nature

In order to be able to describe the style of living in Scandinavia, you have to consider the conditions under which most people spend most of the year there: barren landscapes, short summers and long, cold and dark winters characterize the country and life. The Scandinavians live very close to nature and like to use local woods such as spruce, birch or pine when furnishing their homes. The locals attach great importance to handwork and natural products, especially when it comes to Scandinavian furniture. Materials such as linen, leather and cotton are elaborately processed. Glass and porcelain work also have a long tradition in the Scandinavian furnishing style.

The interior design is often characterized by bright colors that contrast with the light-colored walls. Bright colors and graphic patterns on carpets, cushions, curtains and accessories are also characteristic, reflecting the joie de vivre. These elements are often found in the Scandinavian-style living room in particular. Also typically Scandinavian is a large table in the living room or in the kitchen, which offers space for many guests. In general, the Scandinavian style of living also offers many great furnishing options for the kitchen. A lot of light, textiles and details are used in this room – perfect for the Scandinavian “hygge” feeling .

Lots of light for a friendly ambience

Light has a very special status in the Scandinavian world and thus also in the Scandi style . Precisely because it is dark longer in northern countries in winter, people try to capture the few rays of sunshine and intensify them with the help of light living colours. Numerous light sources ensure sufficient and cozy lighting. Open floor plans and spacious rooms and windows let more daylight into the rooms. Beautiful lamps and candles are particularly attractively staged as popular light sources in the Scandinavian style of living. And a fireplace that provides cozy light and warmth can be found in almost every household.

Ultimately, the Scandinavian style of living is timeless and modern at the same time. The practical is combined with the beautiful. If you want to furnish your house or apartment in a Scandinavian style, you need a knack for fabrics, shapes and colours. And at the end you can look forward to a cozy living oasis where you can let your soul dangle.

Living Style from Scandinavia