Lay Parquet or Laminate?

Floors made of wood not only look beautiful, they also bring a feeling of warmth and comfort into the home. Two of the most popular floor coverings are parquet and laminate. The differences can hardly be seen from the outside. Before you decide to buy, there are a few things you should know to help you decide whether parquet or laminate is a better choice for your home.

Cozy wood look made from renewable raw materials

Regardless of whether you choose parquet or laminate: You are always doing something good for the environment. Both coverings consist almost entirely of wood, i.e. a renewable raw material. While parquet used to be extremely difficult to lay, today it is available with a practical click function, just like laminate. Both coverings are therefore also suitable for hobby do-it-yourselfers. But what are the differences between parquet and laminate? To see made to measure stair mats, please check listofledlights.

Parquet: original and unique real wood

Parquet consists of a middle layer of plywood or high-density fiberboard (HDF). A layer of wood about three millimeters thick is placed on top and sealed. At the bottom, another layer is applied as a so-called “backing” – it ensures that the wood does not warp.

An advantage that parquet has over laminate is the beautiful wood grain, which is unique in every plank: real wood. You can feel and see that, because parquet creates a wonderfully warm feeling and makes the time out on the sofa even more cozy. Overall, it is a very high-quality floor covering that increases the value of a property. On the other hand, parquet also needs intensive care.

Lay Parquet or Laminate

If you are considering whether parquet or laminate is better for you, you should always keep an eye on the resilience: parquet is stable and durable, but more susceptible to scratches and stains than laminate. However, if necessary, the top layer of wood can be sanded down – then the parquet looks like new again and can last for many more years.

Laminate: HDF with resin coating

Laminate also has a middle layer of high-density fiberboard. This is usually soaked in resin, which makes it durable and resistant. A decorative paper is attached to the fibreboard and then sealed. Such decorative papers almost always have a wood pattern – so deceptively real that it is difficult to tell whether parquet or laminate was laid. Even the surface structure of the laminate can be embossed so that it looks like real parquet.

The advantages of laminate are convincing: it is extremely robust and much easier to care for than parquet. Thanks to countless decors, you have a similarly large selection as with parquet, and the floor covering also feels warm and homely.

Parquet or laminate in the kitchen?

Most people are aware that parquet and laminate are equally suitable in the bedroom and living room. Floors with a wood look are also becoming more popular, especially in open-plan kitchens. This raises the question of what is better suited to everyday wear and tear: laminate or parquet?

Laminate scores in the kitchen because it is very easy to care for: stains and a little moisture cannot harm this floor covering, and it even tolerates stronger cleaning agents. In contrast to parquet, it does not need any additional care and still looks good despite regular use.

Parquet can also work as a kitchen floor, but needs a little more attention. Parquet made of oiled wood is recommended because it is water-repellent and can withstand the moisture that can arise in a kitchen. Hard wood is best, for example oak, ash or robinia. If scratches do appear, they are harder to see in more vivid wood patterns. If you choose parquet in the kitchen, go for solid or multi-layer parquet. This not only fits perfectly with solid wood furniture , but can also be sanded down and “renewed” in this way if the worst comes to the worst.

Parquet or laminate? 3 questions for the decision

These three questions will help you decide whether parquet or laminate is better suited for your home:

  1. Do you have a family with young children? These stress floors more than adults. Laminate is usually the better choice here.
  2. Do you value naturalness? Laminate is also mostly made of wood, but parquet is the best choice if you want it to be completely natural.
  3. How big is your budget? There are also cheap parquet floors and expensive laminate floors. The bottom line is that laminate is still cheaper than parquet.

Did you make up your mind? If you are still undecided, our article about the many possibilities of modern floor coverings might help you .

Lay Parquet or Laminate