IOS 10, MacOS… Saw Buff! Go Week; Give Us a Break Hunting Bargains

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There is no doubt that there has been a movidito for all, and very special week because with updates of the operating systems one has the feeling of brand new device somehow. It has been a week of tricks, tips and “how to do that…” but finally it’s Friday and if the economy allows it us, also a great occasion for shopping. We leave our weekly selection the best opportunities we have found on the net are ready?

  • We will begin by take advantage of this discount of 40% of the switch Mobile WeMo Insight that gives us Macnificos: you can get it by 35,99 EUR and the units are limited.
  • We continue in this shop because if ever considered the possibility of protecting your iPhone by Apple Care, You can now do so with a 20% discount through a special promotion.
  • We now turn to Amazon to ignore the recommendation of our reader Pokolotrovo It proposes these headphones Plantronics headset reduced to half price and you can buy them for 146 euros.
  • The e-commerce giant also offers an interesting solution for those who are running out of USB ports on your Mac: it is of a hub led lowered the 11,80 EUR.
  • But mindful that there are also interesting promotions with respect to applications, and in this sense, Drafts one of the jewels in the Crown of the App Store, is lowered to 4.99 euros, an opportunity that should not be let go.
  • As we can not miss the promotion of Fantastical 2, both iPhone and iPad, which are now reduced to half price.
  • We go to the outlet of Microgestió to meet these headphone Beats Solo 2 that you can buy for 119 euros.
  • Those who want to buy a mini iPad 4 of second hand, you have the possibility to take a model wifi 64 GB at a price of 369 euros and still in warranty.
  • This same thrift store we are a Apple Watch Sport 42 mm that you can buy for 269 euros.

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