Innovative Ideas for Your Garden House

In many gardens, the garden shed serves as an additional storage room. Garden tools are piled up here and spiders and mice congregate. We think there is more to it than that. In this article, we have put together six creative ideas for you to spice up your summerhouse. We will also clarify whether you should build your garden house yourself or whether a kit works just as well. To see tile stickers renovate bathroom and kitchen walls quickly and easily, please check bestcraftblog.

More fun in everyday life thanks to the garden house: ideas for creative use

The purpose of your garden shed also depends on your hobbies and interests. But there is definitely something for you in the following list:

  1. For barbecue lovers: Barbecue in the garden even when the weather is bad? With a garden shed – maybe even with an extension – no problem. With the help of a vent construction, you can even smoke in such a grill hut.
  2. For animal lovers: A small wooden garden shed almost looks like a dog house. Why not make a small animal paradise out of it? Your dog or cat will love having their own retreat in the garden with a basket and toys or a scratching post.
  3. For connoisseurs: Transform your garden house into a garden bar – with a chic little club room, chilled leather armchairs and your favorite spirits neatly lined up. So you can relax with your friends in the garden after work and have an aperitif. Incidentally, you can also simply use shelves or hanging boards to set up the bar .
  4. For party-goers: Thanks to good noise insulation, you can build your garden shed in such a way that even if the music is a bit louder, the neighborhood peace is maintained. Even a small garden shed has room for a dance floor for a handful of people.
  5. For adults who are young at heart: Garden houses can also be used to clarify questions that have certainly triggered many a relationship dispute. Where to put the table football, pool table and pinball machine? Turn your garden shed into a playroom and place the toys that get in the way around the house here.
  6. For the little ones: A play and adventure house for the children? If the floor is covered with a noise-dampening mat and sharp corners and edges are secured, you can romp around in the garden shed without hesitation even in rainy weather – this is also easy on the parents’ nerves.

Another professional tip: A sauna in the garden house is a bit more expensive, but the investment par excellence in the long term. If you have a little privacy from the neighbors, you can go straight to the garden to cool down (especially in winter). And you can even set up loungers to relax on chic outdoor floorboards or under an extension to the garden shed.

Innovative Ideas for Your Garden House

Build a garden house yourself or buy it ready-made?

As a rule, a garden house is made of wood. Since this is a material that is easy to process, you can also build your garden house yourself as a talented craftsman – if you are willing to invest the time. This is also the big disadvantage of the campaign, because just screwing some parts together is not enough. Your garden house needs a foundation made of concrete and the roof must also be built taking into account static principles. Insulation and insulation are also important, especially if you want your garden shed to be more than just a tool shed.

Custom designed garden shed as a DIY project

On the other hand, you have complete freedom when it comes to individual design. No matter how creative your idea and how unusual your design, the only limit is your imagination. You also save on both material and transport costs and you can use your own surplus material from other DIY projects. If you enjoy working on it, then nothing stands in the way of your new project.

By the way: You have even more space if you decide on a garden house with an extension. Such an extension usually consists of a pitched roof or a shed. For example, you can stack firewood or store your garden furniture under an attached roof. A shed, on the other hand, is suitable for storing bicycles or garden tools. However, in this case you should rely on a secure lock.

If you are looking for even more inspiration for your garden, take a look at our tips on lounge furniture for the garden and terrace .

Innovative Ideas for Your Garden House