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Telephone communication in Armenia is quite outdated, therefore, the country is actively engaged in its renewal and modernization. You can call from a pay phone using small coins, but recently, machines more often work using magnetic cards. Foreign calls are made from call centers or from specially designed pay phones. You can also call from the hotel. The telephone code of Yerevan is 1.

As for the Internet, it has spread in Armenia on a very large scale. So, even small towns always have their own Internet cafes, and hotels have acquired zones of free access to Wi-Fi. However, no one can guarantee a high connection speed here.

Phone numbers to call in an emergency:

01 – fire service;

02 – police;

03 – ambulance;

112 – rescue service.


In Armenia, you should definitely make a few purchases in order to leave a long memory of this amazing country. Of course, a souvenir that cannot be brought from Armenia is a bottle of branded and world-famous cognac. Almost any store will offer tourists many varieties of this aromatic drink, but the most popular are Ararat, Armenika, Sayat Nova, Noy, Armenian Cognac.

An excellent acquisition in Armenia will be a local carpet, extremely bright, always decorated with drawings on a national motif. Carpets are of excellent quality, and not only those that are sold in specialized stores, but also those that can be bought at the market collapse. Fans of unique things can even find ancient carpets with history at the flea market.

Also, tourists often buy wooden crafts like cognac stands or fruit vases. Turks “jazve” made of copper are popular, as well as special dolls that serve as amulets. They are woven using a special tapestry technique. In Armenia, they sell very beautiful glassware, you can find beautiful toys with ethnic motifs for the New Year tree. Here you will also find gifts for wedding guests “tarosiki” and figurines of the national heroes of Armenia, made of bronze.


Visiting most establishments in Armenia involves leaving a tip in the amount of the traditional 5% of the cost of the service. However, if the institution is more prestigious, then higher tips will be expected from the tourist, up to 10% of the bill. Sometimes it is enough not to take small change. See liuxers for Armenia customs and traditions.


Armenia is a country with an actively developing tourism infrastructure and a fairly popular tourist destination, so tourists should take care of their place of residence in advance. There are three main accommodation options here:

  • Rented apartments, the price of which often includes maintenance (change of linen, cleaning, etc.);
  • Hotels and inns of various statuses: from prestigious and expensive to very budget hostels, in which, however, the tourist will also receive quality service and constant hospitality;
  • Guest houses, accommodation in Armenian families, which is often done through local travel agencies and is much cheaper than hotel accommodation. In addition, this way the tourist will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the atmosphere of a real Armenian family.


The national currency of Armenia is the dram, which is divided into 100 lums. Banknotes in 10, 25, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000, 5,000, 20,000 and 50,000 drams and coins in 1, 3, 5 and 10 drams are used. Coins, however, almost fell into disuse.

Armenian banks usually open at 9.00 and work on weekdays until 16.00, on Saturday until 14.00. Sunday is a day off. As for currency exchange points, in large cities they are located almost everywhere and work from 9.00 to 22.00-24.00, often open even on weekends and holidays. In small towns, it is easier to apply for an exchange at a bank.

Credit cards and traveler’s checks can be difficult, especially outside major cities. It is also difficult to find an ATM in the province.

The shops

There are many supermarkets and small shops in Armenia. As a rule, they open at 9.00-10.00, and end the working day at 18.00-19.00. You can often find shops that open late, but work until late. It is customary to bargain in the markets, with the help of which you can greatly bring down prices.


In the context of difficult relations with neighboring countries, the most convenient means of transport for the people of Armenia are airplanes. Two airports are mainly engaged in foreign flights: Zvartnots in Yerevan and Shirak in Gyumri.

Armenia has an extensive network of railways with a total length of more than 800 kilometers, but it needs to be updated, the speed and comfort of movement leave much to be desired. There are quite a lot of roads, bus service is provided to almost all cities of the country, but the quality of the roads is not very good, especially in mountainous areas. In Armenia, such an unusual way of transportation as a cable car is common.


Time zone of Armenia: GMT+4 (same time with Moscow).

Important Information about Armenia