How to Set up a Walk-in Closet

You lack the overview when storing your clothes, shoes and accessories? Are you looking for maximum storage space with minimum use of space? Then it might be time to think about a walk-in closet! You don’t even need an extra room for this, because a walk-in dressing room can also be fitted into a niche or under a sloping roof. To see window decorative foils, please check bestcraftblog.

An openly designed wardrobe, which you can cleverly integrate into your bedroom or study, for example – or ideally you can devote an entire room to it in your apartment – will bring you joy every day. There are many different ways to make your dream of a walk-in dressing room come true.

Cleverly planned, a walk-in closet is something like a “room in a room”, which ensures more order and also gives your apartment more clarity and structure. Regardless of whether you opt for a semi-open closet/shelf combination, use a walk-in closet as a room divider, or want to fulfill your dream of a spacious dressing room: With a walk-in closet you bring more order and convenience to your clothes storage.

How to Set up a Walk-in Closet

Set up the walk-in closet to suit your ideas

Purchasing and designing a wardrobe can be quite expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. Your own four walls often offer the necessary prerequisites for a tailor-made walk-in closet . And often not much more is needed than a little creativity and manual skills.

For example, if you have a niche or an additional, unused room in your apartment that is accessible from your bedroom or the hallway, you can transform it into a walk-in dressing room in no time with the right planning. Even the most boring hallway can be turned into a dressing room with the right cabinet solutions, provided it offers enough space.

Regardless of where you store your walk-in closet and how you design it: the most important function of your walk-in closet should be that shirts, sweaters and trousers have enough space in closets and on shelves. Dresses and blouses can make themselves comfortable on the clothes rails provided. Shoes, on the other hand, find space in drawers or openly on shelves, which also give them the attention they deserve. With the perfect lighting – for example, cleverly placed ceiling spotlights or LED light strips – you can stage individual “favorite items” in your dressing room even more effectively.
Drawers are ideal for storing underwear or socks. Larger drawer units or cupboard compartments with folding or sliding doors are perfect for storing bulky items such as blankets or winter clothes.

Use a walk-in closet as a room divider

A wardrobe can basically be used wonderfully to divide a room . Especially if you live in a 1-bedroom or an apartment with limited space, it’s a good idea to set up a walk-in closet in an alcove or corner of the room. This gives the room more structure and, with the right planning, appears a lot tidier – and therefore, contrary to expectations, not smaller, but more spacious.
For example, if a walk-in dressing room is set up as a semi-open “room within a room” made up of shelving and cupboard elements, you can make optimal use of the available space with clever, perfectly fitted storage space solutions. Here you not only store clothes, shoes and accessories, but also bed linen, towels, sports and camping equipment or all kinds of utensils – for example, clearly sorted in transparent boxes that reveal their contents when you open the closet and ensure order .

Install a walk-in closet under a sloping roof

Even sloping walls under the roof or under stairs are no obstacle to building a walk-in closet. On the contrary, because shelves or clothes rails can be easily attached here and made to measure. The otherwise “empty” space can be used ideally. With an online configurator, you can even plan and order an entire cupboard or storage system individually and made to measure, so that you can even save yourself a trip to the hardware store. There are many ways to incorporate a walk-in closet into your home!

How to Set up a Walk-in Closet