How to Remove Closet Odor

Vintage furniture has been growing in popularity for years. Whether from the flea market, inherited from grandparents or traded via online portals: Old furniture can be combined perfectly with newer pieces of furniture and results in a creative mix of styles that makes your home original and individual.

As beautiful as the aging furniture is, it often has a very special smell that reminds you of its age. You can find out in our guide how you can easily get rid of the often unpleasant smell and which remedies help best. To see wall mural Paris, please check necessaryhome.

Which home remedies effectively remove the smell of the closet?

Before you resort to small and helpful remedies to remove the smell of the closet, you should first open the closet doors of your piece of furniture and air them well outside or in front of an open window. Make sure that the piece of furniture does not get wet due to the weather or is directly exposed to the sun.

How to Remove Closet Odor

In the next step, you can use many different home remedies that can reliably remove a musty smell in the closet. The selection is huge – and mostly includes natural materials and food, some of which you probably already have at home. You can try cleaning the cabinet first by simply wiping it down with a little soapy water. If that doesn’t help, take a look at our selection of home remedies that you can use to easily remove the smell of the closet:

  • Bath salts, baking soda or baking soda: Scatter one of the fabrics on the shelves or mix it in a bowl with some water and put it in the closet. After a few hours, you can vacuum up the powder or remove the bowl and your cupboard will smell like new.
  • Coffee powder: Place a flat bowl with some coffee powder in the cupboard to reliably remove the cupboard smell.
  • Vinegar essence: Clean your cupboard with some vinegar essence or cleaner and then air it well.
  • Warm milk: Boil milk and place it in a saucepan or bowl in the cupboard. Then close the doors, wait until the milk has cooled down and remove the bowl again.
  • Cat litter or rice: This is especially helpful when moisture is causing the bad odors in the closet. Put some cat litter or rice in the closet. It binds the moisture and thus removes the closet odor. Then simply vacuum away.
  • Cloves, Vanilla Beans, Lemons, or Oranges: Set out whole cloves, a vanilla bean, a sliced ​​lemon, or an orange in the cupboard. Their intense odor masks the stench in the closet. Alternatively, you can use a scented sachet or a bar of soap.
  • Liquid wood cleaner: If soapy water didn’t help, try a special liquid wood cleaner. You should use this according to the instructions on the label.
  • Yeast dough: Do you feel like baking a yeast dough again? Great, because this is also ideal for neutralizing cupboard odors. Just put it in a bowl in the closet and let it go.

Removing closet smell from clothes: tips and tricks

If your clothes have been in a musty closet for too long, they may have picked up the smell too. The easiest way to remove bad smells from clothes is to wash them thoroughly and at high temperatures. If a conventional detergent does not help, you can also add a little white wine vinegar. This kills bacteria and thus helps to remove the closet smell from the clothes if it has already settled too much.

It is also important to always let the clothes dry completely before you put them back in the closet or hang them up. In this way, you prevent moisture from sweaters, jeans, etc. from soaking into the closet walls and causing unpleasant odors again.