How to Get to Mahdia, Tunisia

According to baglib, Mahdia does not have its own airport, you will have to fly to Monastir. From Moscow, only flights with transfers are possible. It’s easier to fly with a transfer in Paris or Nice by Aeroflot from Sheremetyevo or Lufthansa from Domodedovo, back – in Berlin (UTair with arrival in Vnukovo). From Europe to Mahdia and back, “Tunisair” and “Nuvelair” will be “dropped”. Fly to the resort 8.5 hours.

UTair will take the least for a flight to Paris from Moscow – 1300 USD round-trip, from France to Mahdia and back, Transavia and Tunisair will deliver for 235 USD. The prices on the page are for September 2022.

A flight from St. Petersburg to Monastir is possible with only two transfers: in Munich, Lyon, Helsinki, Berlin or Riga. In addition to Aeroflot, Lufthansa, Tunisair and Nuveleyre, flights are operated by Swiss, Finnair and Airbaltic. On the way – from 8 hours 20 minutes, the minimum price is from 625 USD one way.

Another option is to fly through the city of Tunis. But its airport is located as much as 213 km from Mahdia, so it will take longer and more expensive to get there.

From Monastir airport to Mahdia

From the airport to the resort tourists will be delivered by train, bus or taxi. Railway transport runs from 5:09 to 20:15 (Aeroport Skanes Monastir station is a 5-minute walk). A ticket can be bought at the station ticket offices for 15 TND, it takes 1.5 hours (45 km) to go to the Mahdia Ezzahra station.

On the bus you will have to get with a transfer. First you need to get from the airport to the center of Monastir by Sahel buses. They run from 5:30 to 18:30, the fare is paid to the driver (a taxi ride will cost 20-25 TND). In the city, you should transfer to a bus that goes already to Mahdia.

The average cost of a taxi ride from Monastir Airport to Mahdia is 60 TND, at night it is twice as expensive. White or yellow taxis are waiting for tourists in the parking lot at the exit of the terminal.


It would be quite possible to get around Mahdia on foot, but due to the terrible heat, no one really wants to. The way out is buses, minibuses, taxis or… the subway (as the commuter train is called here). In Mahdia, she has two stops, one more – at the village of Bahdedi, where the most beautiful wild beaches are located. You can check the fare and train schedule at the office. carrier’s website (in English).

Buses and minibuses (luages) run without an obvious schedule and rarely, and where they go is not entirely clear: the inscriptions on them are in Arabic and French. But the fare is inexpensive – from 3 TND, and you can go even to the capital of Tunisia, even to another resort.

For lovers of the exotic – local tuk-tuks or a tourist train that picks up tourists directly from the hotel. If you’re lucky, there will be an audio guide in Russian, the cost of a full tour is about 75 TND.

Taxis can be found almost anywhere in the city. Meters in Mahdia are not held in high esteem, the cost of the trip must be negotiated in advance (which is very difficult – taxi drivers do not know English). You can discuss the price “on the fingers” or order a taxi at the hotel.

The fare around the city by taxi is 10-15 TND, at night (from 20:00 to 7:00) it is twice as expensive.

Mahdia Hotels

There are about a dozen hotels in Mahdia, equal in number of threes, fours and fives. The vast majority are located on the first coastline. In general, the hotels are quite new – built in the early to mid-90s. The recently opened Iberostar Royal El Mansour holds a strong championship in service, and decent service is also offered at Golden Tulip Mahdia Palace, Vincci Nour Palace. Of the budget options, Club Thapsus, Les Princes, Sirocco Beach and Topkapi Beach stand out.

Almost all hotels in Mahdia are located on the first coastline.

Resort apartments can be booked for 110 TND per night (but if it’s a 4 bedroom apartment with a breathtaking view). A room in the “treshka” will cost from 130 TND per day, in the “five” – ​​from 680 TND per night.

Mahdia Hotels