How to Get to Guyana

Guyana arrival

Airplane: from Germany and Switzerland, for example, you can fly to Guyana with Virgin Atlantic (with stopovers in Manchester, Trinidad and Tobago or Barbados), from Austria (Vienna) there are flights via New York, Paris or London. Air France Air flies daily from Paris (France) to French Guiana (Cayenne), from here connecting flights to Guyana. Caribbean Airlines flies from London to Guyana (stopover in Tobago).

Airports: Georgetown Cheddi Jagan International Airport (Timehri, GEO) is 25 miles south of Georgetown. Overcrowded buses and taxis run into town from here.

Ship: From the eastern border town of Corriverton on the Corantijn River, ferries run to Nieuw Nickerie in Suriname.

According to eningbo, from Lethem in Guyana there are ferries across the river to Bonfim in Brazil. Good roads lead from Bonfim to the Brazilian city of Boa Vista, the road from Lethem to Georgetown is pretty bad and possibly impassable in the rainy season.

In northeast Guyana, a ferry connects Corriverton via Moleson Creek to the Suriname border town of Nieuw Nickerie. From here you can reach Paramaribo and French Guiana by off-road vehicle.

The shipping company Demerara Shipping Company connects Georgetown with European ports on a weekly basis. Cruise lines that have stops in Guyana include Royal Caribbean Cruise Line and Celebrity Cruise Line.

Rail: There are no passenger trains in Guyana.

Car: from Georgetown a road leads via Kurupukari and Lethem to Bonfim and Boa Vista in Brazil. However, an off-road vehicle is recommended for this, the total travel time can be up to 2 days. In the rainy season, roads and slopes are hardly passable. There is currently no good road to Venezuela (and no official border crossing).

Buses run between Lethem and Boa Vista (Brazil).

Guyana – entry requirements

is a general requirement for traveling to Guyana. The passport (or temporary passport) must be valid for at least 6 months beyond the planned duration of the trip.

Citizens of EU countries and Switzerland do not need a visa for tourist trips with a maximum stay of 90 days in Guyana. Exceptions are Poland, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, Lithuania, Cyprus, Estonia, Latvia, Malta, the Slovak Republic and the Czech Republic, whose citizens need a visa to travel to Guyana.

Air travelers must be able to present an onward or return flight ticket upon entry.

Visa fees:

Business (single entry) $ 40

Business (multiple entries, 3 months validity) 50 US dollars

Business (multiple entries, valid for one year) $ 75


Embassy of Guyana in Brussels (Belgium), address see Guyana – important addresses.

Processing time:
normally 2 working days, but the visa application should be submitted at least one week before the start of the trip.


Tourist visa: 3 completed visa applications – Passport that is still valid for at least 6 months – 3 recent passport photos – Proof of sufficient funds for the stay in Guyana

Business visa: additionally a letter of approval from the Ministry of Home Affairs.

Entry with children:
For accompanying children, the same visa requirements apply as for their parents. Each child needs their own travel document, which is valid for at least 6 months after the planned trip.

Germany: The German child ID card with photo or a separate passport is accepted. Child ID cards are no longer issued in Germany, existing child ID cards remain valid until the expiry date.

Austria: Children must have their own passport.

Switzerland: Children need their own passport.

If the child is traveling alone in Guyana, an officially certified declaration of consent from the guardian must be available.

Adequate funds:
Foreign visitors must have sufficient funds for their trip.

Vaccinations: You can find
detailed information on recommended and required vaccinations for traveling in Guyana in the chapter Guyana – Health and Diseases.

Guyana – traveling in the country

Airplane: Airplane is very important for domestic traffic in Guyana. Charter flights from various companies can be arranged at the Ogle Aerodome Regional Airport in Georgetown.

Ship: in Guyana more than 1000 km of the rivers are navigable, the main routes are the Rio Essequibo, the Rio Berbice, the Rio Demerara and the Rio Potaro.
State ferries cross several large rivers. However, this ferry service is not very reliable as there are regular floods that hinder shipping. A regular ferry service runs on the Rio Essequibo between Charity and Bartica with a stop in Parika. A ferry connects Rosignol with New Amsterdam. From Vreed en Hoop you take the ferry across the Rio Demerara to Georgetown.

There are relatively expensive speedboats (river taxis) between Batica and Parika.

Coastal ferries operate between Georgetown and several northern ports.

Train: There is no rail transport in Guyana.

Car: Most of the paved roads are on the eastern coast of Guyana, but there are also routes to Linden inland and to the Brazilian border. The relatively well-preserved coastal road leads from Georgetown to Rossignol, New Amsterdam and Crabwood Creek. Due to the numerous rivers, one has to resort to river ferries again and again.

Driving in Guyana is left-hand traffic.

Rental cars are available in Georgetown, but not on airport. If you want to rent a car in Guyana, you should have an international driver’s license.

Minibuses: The Central Stationin Georgetown for minibuses is the Stabroek market. The departure times are not fixed, departure is always when the minibuses are full (and often overcrowded). The minibuses run on the routes between Georgetown and smaller towns.

Taxis are quite numerous and are particularly recommended at night. In the cities a standard tariff is set, but you should ask again before driving.

Guyana arrival