How to Furnish Your Home in White

Hardly any other color brings as much clarity, purity and calm into the home as the trend color white. It is by no means limited to these properties – on the contrary: white can be effortlessly combined with almost any style and color. In this article you will find out how to put together a white interior in such a way that it does not appear sterile but, on the contrary, wonderfully lively.┬áTo see wood arts for your cozy home, please check bestcraftblog.

Set up white: from White Living to Scandi

The trend color white not only makes rooms appear larger, but also brighter and tidier. Thus, it fits both very modern and alternative furnishing styles. The connection with the white living style , in which white plays the central role, is obvious: the aim here is to cleverly use and combine the most diverse shades of white.

Even those who want to furnish in a Scandinavian style can hardly avoid white. It often forms the uniform background against which chests of drawers and shelves in typical Scandinavian colors are placed in Scandinavian and Nordic styles .

Of course, you can easily combine the trend color white with your own style. In particular, large white furniture such as cabinets look great against colored walls or in combination with wood.

When setting up in white, one thing is particularly important: the end result must not appear too sterile. Thanks to the many possible combinations, however, this can easily be avoided. So let’s dive into the multifaceted world of color palettes that can be wonderfully combined with white.

How to Furnish Your Home in White

The trend color white is so diverse

First of all, not all whites are the same: there are glossy whites, creamy whites, ivory, off-whites, matte whites, and dozens of other shades that work well together. White also cuts a fine figure in combination with a gray interior , and white and black together form the pinnacle of modernity.

If you want to combine your white furnishings with color, you can use soft pastel colors, nude tones or natural colors for a subtle look. In addition, more powerful yet gentle colors such as green and blue are also suitable opponents, for example in the Mediterranean style of living .

Bold colors also go well with white: a dark dusky pink, deep petrol or even dark red or violet in combination with the trend color white result in a powerful furnishing image. It is advisable to use such colors for smaller accents, such as coffee tables and chairs as well as textiles and decorative elements such as vases and picture frames.

Wooden furniture also goes well with the white background, as do other natural materials: rattan, linen fabrics, cork or driftwood as decoration together with white result in a natural, unobtrusive furnishing style.

Creative furnishing ideas with white

Because white is so versatile, it also suits more unusual ideas. Dark metal or bare concrete walls harmonize with white, as does shabby-chic style furniture that has been trimmed to date . Conversely, the accents can also be set in white: Vibrantly colored walls then form the background for a white sofa, white showcases or white vases or picture frames, which function as subtle decoration. Maybe you also combine your white furnishings with shiny copper decoration ?

Our conclusion on the trend color white

It is not for nothing that white is considered a trend colour. If you’re careful not to get overly clinical, you can hardly go wrong when decorating with white. Only the susceptibility to stains remains as a small drop of bitterness. But: With our cleaning tips for wooden furniture , you can also clear this hurdle without any problems.

How to Furnish Your Home in White