How to Design Your Workplace at Home

In view of the corona virus, many people are working from home to curb its spread. But by no means everyone has a well-equipped home office in which to work in a concentrated and structured manner. We’ll tell you how to create a comfortable workplace in your own four walls. To see charming lighting decoration, please check proindustrialfans.

When employers send their employees to work from home, this can become a real challenge. If you don’t have a well-designed study at home, you have to improvise: Are you sitting on the bed with your laptop? Or do you have to store important documents in the closet? Such a room situation is not ideal and will sooner or later cause chaos, back pain and concentration problems. In order to be able to optimally set up your home office, we have collected some ideas for you.

Choose the right desk

The desk is the heart of your workplace and should ideally be equipped with a suitable office chair. It is important that both components are tailored to your body. Ergonomic office chairs support your sitting position and thus protect your back. They should be placed on a table that is high enough to allow you to work comfortably. You shouldn’t have to bend forward, but sit in an upright position.

Experts also recommend alternating between sitting and standing frequently. In the best case scenario, this can prevent tension. This can be implemented with a height- adjustable table , which you can ideally operate electrically. Your arms will tell you whether you have set the optimal table height: When sitting or standing, they should be at right angles to the tabletop. The table size is 160 by 80 centimeters as standard. But if you need more space, for example because you work with two screens, you should choose a wider table. You can also find detailed information on the optimal table height, including a calculator for the perfect measurements in relation to your height, in our blog post “The optimal table height” .

Our tip: place your desk at right angles to the window. This gives you the optimal lighting conditions for productive work.

How to Design Your Workplace at Home

Setting up a home office: Use shelves for storage and room separation

At work, important documents are stored in the filing cabinet, but in the home office they suddenly stand between books, vases or a colorful mix of household items. So that you don’t lose track of things, you should either clear a shelf completely – or buy a new one right away. If you want to create a friendly, bright atmosphere, we recommend open shelves on both sides , which let more light into the room. If you set up your home office under a staircase or in the attic, for example, the available space can be optimally used with sloping shelves and cupboards .
Anyone who has children in the house knows how difficult it can be to create peace and order. In addition to storage space, shelves also offer a way of separating your workplace acoustically and spatially. Chests of drawers or sideboards that are provided with locks and are therefore absolutely childproof are suitable for particularly sensitive documents .

Our tip: If you don’t have enough space for shelves or sideboards , wall shelves or shelf cubes are an alternative. Use your wall to store files and office supplies!

Set up the home office in a quiet and comfortable way

Regardless of whether you have your own room or use a niche in your apartment: Your home office should not lack the feel-good factor. Acoustic walls or frames, for example, which significantly reduce the noise level, can help you with this. The latter can also be provided with printed textiles, which bring a friendly and colorful look. In order to clearly define your work area, you can use elegant sliding doors in addition to shelves . These can be used as room dividers, in front of a niche or as a passage door.

When furnishing a home office, the importance of colors and decorative elements should not be underestimated. Shades such as yellow, orange, light green or sky blue have a friendly effect and lift the mood. But your favorite color is purple? Of course, this is also allowed if it makes you happy and allows you to work productively. Plants, photos of your loved ones and other odds and ends make your home workplace even more comfortable, just don’t overdo it.

Our tip: The colors green and yellow are known for their concentration-enhancing effect and are therefore ideal for your home office.

Ensure variety at work

Little contact with other people and a lack of exercise are among the disadvantages of working from home. So that you don’t feel down in the long run, it is very important to provide some variety in your everyday work. Take a break to cook your favorite dish or do a little fitness session in your living room. Whether it’s yoga, sit-ups or tai chi: those who exercise regularly are more productive and happier.

Use digital tools for video conferences or chats with your work colleagues instead of always communicating via email. This way you can discuss current projects directly and loosen up your everyday life at the same time.

Our tip: Set clear times when you work and when you relax with Netflix and Co. This will help you structure your day.

Have your home office furniture delivered to you

You can start setting up your office at home right away: simply create your dream furniture yourself using the online configurator from and have it delivered to your home. When it comes to delivery, you have the choice of whether the furniture is delivered directly to your apartment or whether it should be left in front of the door without contact.

Our tip: We now offer you the opportunity to plan your furniture online together with one of our employees. Share your screen with us, we will support you in using our configurator. You can find out more about this on our contact page .

How to Design Your Workplace at Home