How to Decorate Tubular Rooms

Furnishing tubular rooms is often a major challenge: the long sides appear too empty, the front ends overloaded – and too much furniture in a small space swallows up the daylight. To furnish a narrow room in such a way that it looks cozy and inviting, you can experiment with the furniture as well as with light and colors. You can find helpful tips in this article.

The correct distribution of furniture in tubular rooms

Before you start furnishing your hose room, you should plan on paper or digitally which furniture you want to accommodate. The right distribution is crucial: place your bed, your sofa or your desk – in other words: the heart of your furniture – ideally at the front of the room. If the large main furniture is instead placed on the long side of the wall, it reinforces the tube shape and makes the room appear even narrower. To see wood wallpaper, please check necessaryhome.

Ideally, you should place very wide furniture with little depth on the long sides, for example a wardrobe , which takes up a large part of the wall surface. Custom-made furniture allows you to make full use of the space. It is good to set up a tubular room in such a way that one long side remains completely free. This makes the room appear more open and less crowded overall.

How to Decorate Tubular Rooms

What furniture is suitable for furnishing a long room?

The furniture should always distract from the tubular shape of the room and bring some “movement” into your room concept. You can achieve this, for example, by combining different shapes, such as a round table with a square cupboard. Different materials also have this effect – how about a glass showcase next to a chic wooden chest of drawers ?

The easiest way to set up a tubular space is to have your furniture custom made. Then your desk fits perfectly from wall to wall and your wide wall shelf does not protrude too far into the room thanks to its individually adjusted depth. Sliding doors save space, and highboards free up floor space, creating an airy feel.

If you rely on ready-made furniture, preferably set up your tubular space with small furniture. Light and delicate furniture make the room look less crowded. Multifunctional furniture is very suitable : for example, use a fold-out shelf as a desk or create a lot of valuable storage space with the help of drawers. Sideboards can serve both as storage space and as lockable wall cabinets for work materials.

With the help of room dividers and different floor coverings, you can even set up a tubular room – with the right size – in such a way that different areas and cozy living islands are created.

The correct distribution of furniture in tubular rooms

The right combination of light and color distracts from the tube shape. It is best to choose a light shade for the walls. Strong and dark colors may look cozy, but they quickly create an overloaded impression in narrow rooms. To make the room appear shorter, paint the short walls a darker shade than the long ones. You can also use color to “magnify” a small space .

The right lighting also helps when setting up a tubular space. Try to let as much daylight into the room as possible by avoiding dark and heavy curtains. Instead, use a privacy screen made of light-colored and translucent fabric or semi-transparent window film. A single lamp in the middle of the room makes the walls appear closer together – it is better to use different light sources such as ceiling spotlights, floor and table lamps or – for more cosiness – fairy lights.

Place decorative elements correctly

With these simple tips you can fine-tune the furnishing of your narrow room: Always place decorative elements such as pictures or wall decorations on the front sides. There they immediately catch the eye and distract from the tubular shape of the room.

Carpets appear stocky when they disappear under furniture on both long sides. Therefore, when furnishing tubular rooms, make sure that the carpet edges remain free. A narrow rug works best for this.

Last but not least, you can give the impression that the room is wider with mirrors on the long sides. This turns even the longest room into a cozy room in which you can really feel good.