How to Decorate in Shabby Chic Style

Upgrading new furniture to look “old” and thereby creating a very special, fairytale feeling: That’s what furnishing in a shabby chic style is all about. In this article we will introduce you to this playful look and tell you which decorative elements and furniture go well with shabby chic. You will also get tips & tricks for setting up your own home. To see designer wallpapers, please check necessaryhome.

What is shabby chic anyway?

Although shabby chic literally means “shabby chic”, this style is by no means shabby or even ugly. On the contrary: the style is characterized by a romantic, playful, subtle and feminine touch.

Rather, “shabby” refers to the artificial signs of use that are subsequently incorporated into many shabby chic furniture. In this way, newly produced shabby chic chests of drawers, cupboards , tables and chairs are given the shine of the old days. Thanks to the processing of the surfaces, they get a new character and just sparkle with untold stories.

A little history: the shabby look of the facility was created in Great Britain in the 1980s. It imitated the furnishing styles of old Gentry country houses and was significantly influenced in 1989 by Rachel Ashwell. Ashwell started her career with a small shop selling used antique furniture and decorative items, and now owns several labels that produce shabby chic furniture. Incidentally, age says nothing about the modernity of the style: the typical shabby colors are still among the furnishing trends in 2020 .

How to Decorate in Shabby Chic Style

5 tips for your shabby look

Shabby chic is romantic, playful and unobtrusive. First and foremost, natural, seemingly unprocessed materials are used – mostly wood. There are also lovely, shiny accessories: shimmering mirrors, crystal chandeliers, glittering vases and fabrics with floral patterns such as blossoms and tendrils that create a cozy atmosphere. These go perfectly with the pastel tones of shabby chic – matt white tones, delicate rosé and turquoise as well as beige, gray and violet determine the look.

With these five decorating tips, you can take advantage of these basics and easily conjure up a shabby look in your home:

1. Shiny magic with glass & mirror

Sparkling surfaces create a wonderful contrast to the more dull surfaces of your shabby chic furniture: place a crystal vase on your shabby chic table or mount a (maybe even blind!) mirror with a tarnished frame above the dresser. Showcases are made for shabby chic. Even a lantern – which you can quickly make yourself with a candle in a colored glass – brings a bit of the “shabby-chic” feeling into your home.

2. Lighting with a nostalgic factor

Mood lighting contributes greatly to the effective shabby-chic interior design. Indirect light works best: candles in tall glasses, fairy lights or small lamps with colorful shades. Round light sources that lie on top of your shabby chic wardrobe and illuminate the ceiling also create cozy little pools of light.

3. Cloth accessories made from natural materials

The matching lace doily should not be missing on a shabby chic style table. Silk and velvet are also welcome and are well suited as tablecloths, serviettes or cushion covers that unobtrusively complement your shabby chic interior.

4. More natural decoration elements

Furnishings in the shabby chic style do not have to be expensive – a lot can be found directly in nature. Wooden discs, shells, feathers or twigs adorn pretty furniture and other surfaces and create the fairytale look that makes shabby chic so special.

5. Plants, greenery & enamel as a decoration in the living room and kitchen

Fresh flowers always look good in a shabby chic interior. The same applies to branches, ideally even with flowers, and tendrils or green plants. Most appropriately, they are presented in enamel pots of different sizes, which round off the old-romantic look.

Shabby chic furnishing as a do-it-yourself project

If you want to furnish yourself with a shabby look, you can hardly avoid doing it yourself. Many pieces of furniture can easily be made old: why not simply turn grandma’s old chest of drawers into a shabby-chic wonder?

Chipped paint and signs of wear don’t have to occur naturally: Here you can let off steam creatively and save a few euros at the same time. It is best to combine shabby chic furniture with flea market finds, old accessories and antique heirlooms. Whether old suitcases, a cute side table or picture frames in different colors – the possible combinations are unlimited. You’ll see: Shabby Chic just invites you to DIY!

How to Decorate in Shabby Chic Style