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The Polynesians were the first inhabitants of the archipelago, from the 5th and 6th century. J. – C. the Hawaii islands were discovered however by the English explorer James Cook only in 1778. This first has named him Sandwich islands in honor of his protector, John Montagu, IV and Count of Sandwich and first admiralty lord, before be murdered in 1779.

The archipelago was then divided into four kingdoms, reunited under the kingdom of Kamehameha I ER, which came to conquer almost the entire archipelago in 1795. In 1820, from the American presbyterian missionaries settled on the islands, joined in 1827 by French Catholics.

Despite the recognition of Hawaii independence by the United States in 1842, followed by France and Great Britain in 1843, the archipelago was the subject of an intense confrontation between these three powers, throughout the nineteenth century. The struggles of influence, successfully carried out by the Americans in the name of democracy, have finally led to the deposition of Queen Liliuokalani in 1893 and the proclamation of the Republic of Hawaii, July 4, 1894. The new regime has immediately requested annexion from the United States, effective 12 August 1898.

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Becoming an autonomous federal territory in 1900, Hawaii took on a strategic importance on the following day of the First World War, as the American rivalry worsened. The development of economic, maritime and aerial infrastructures, and the use of the island as a military base, ensured the prosperity of Hawaii.

An essential axis of American defense in the Pacific, the Pearl Harbor naval base was the victim of a surprise attack by Japanese air forces on December 7, 1941; inflicting serious losses on the American fleet and constituting an unprecedented military affront, its main consequence was to compromise the United States in the Second World War. Hawaii joined the Union on August 21, 1959, as the fiftieth American State.

Hawaii Preparatory Academy – Kamuela / Big Island

“Look out the window. The island. The green. The land of diverse cultures below you. Step off the plane and you are in Hawai’i. “Where can you imagine a better year abroad than in beautiful Hawaii? Hawaii impresses with its breathtaking landscape, always nice weather and a lot of outdoor opportunities. The Hawaii Preparatory Academy is located in Kamuela, on the largest island in Hawaii. The boarding school has been in existence since 1949 and is currently attended by around 600 students. About half of the students also live on campus.

The campus is simply gigantic and there are many activities open to students. You can join one of the many sports teams and swim, play tennis or golf. Another highlight of the school is the riding program. The riding program has been under the same management for over 50 years and the horses grew up on the huge campus. Every student can participate in the program, even beginners, because it is taught at different levels. Many students have followed their riding careers professionally after graduation.

Of course there is also a great art program. From digital media to choir to musicals or stage sets, there is certainly something for everyone. But of course Hawaii calls for going outdoors and exploring nature, so the school offers a huge outdoor program. Students can take part in excursions and explore the island. Sometimes they go canoeing, snorkeling, go on a bike tour, explore a volcano or waterfalls, sometimes they go camping and experience beautiful sunrises in the most beautiful places in Hawaii – the outdoor program is definitely an absolute highlight.

Whoever wants to can learn Hawaiian or take interesting subjects such as astronomy, marine biology or psychology. Many subjects, so-called AP courses, are also offered at a fairly high level. Usually these are attended by students in the final grade and should prepare them perfectly for the transition to college.

The students live on campus with their dorm parents and friends and are not just friends, but like a big family. There are three different dorms in which the students live and spend their time. Sometimes there is a yoga night, a movie evening, you celebrate birthdays or toast marshmallows – the community is very important here.

In summary, the Hawaii Preparatory Academy is a top boarding school in a beautiful location and the perfect choice for teenagers who love outdoor activities!

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