Great Ways to Use the Space under Sloping Ceilings

Corners and sloping ceilings can be wonderfully cosy: for example, when rain is pattering against an existing window and you sit snuggled up under it and watch the drops fall. It is just as enchanting to lie in bed and watch the starry sky through the skylight. Rooms with sloping ceilings also drive many people to despair, because the rooms usually appear very small and no piece of furniture really fits. There are solutions for this – and that’s exactly what we’ll show you in this article. To see wall colors for a modern living room design, please check bestcraftblog.

5 creative ways to furnish the space under your sloping roof

Custom-made furniture under sloping ceilings opens up a whole world of possibilities. They often cost a little more than standard furniture, but the investment pays off in several ways: not only that you can finally use all the space available under a sloping roof; Furniture that is adapted to sloping ceilings also looks much more aesthetic and allows you to express your very own furnishing style. The following five variants are special highlights.

Great Ways to Use the Space under Sloping Ceilings

Highlight number 1: a custom-fit cupboard under the sloping roof

A custom-made built-in closet can be installed with millimeter precision under a sloping roof and thus makes a lot of the limited space usable – for clothing, bed linen or those “knick knacks” that are lying around everywhere else. In this way, you can create order in a room that may have previously seemed crowded and cramped due to the sloping roof. A cupboard under a sloping roof takes up little space and looks unobtrusive and elegant.

Highlight number 2: use the storage space under the sloping roof with shelves

A special sloping roof shelf fits in perfectly and lets you present books, decorative elements or your game collection clearly and attractively. With adapted shelves, you can use the entire length of a sloping roof and create free space in the rest of the room – for example for dancing or yoga.

Highlight number 3: the extraordinary walk-in closet

Transform the space under a sloping roof into a walk-in closet – and without much effort! On the one hand, you can achieve this with a built-in cupboard; But there are even simpler ways that you can implement for little money. With the help of a sliding door , for example, you can create your own small room under the sloping roof, while great creative solutions can be found here with other room dividers. You can find out more about this in our blog article with pro tips for your walk-in closet .

Highlight number 4: use the sloping roof to create a retreat

The space under the sloping roof is wonderfully suited to becoming a place of retreat or a cozy reading corner. You can use a room divider or simply build a cozy nest out of blankets and pillows. A bed or a deep couch can also be placed here. How about a small sunbathing lawn that you design by furnishing the space under the sloping roof with sun loungers and palm trees in pots?

Highlight number 5: Showcases with glass or mirror doors as furniture for the sloping roof

Since rooms with sloping ceilings often appear a bit smaller, glass and mirrored doors are a real insider tip: They make the room appear larger and also look really stylish. An elegant showcase is created under your sloping roof , which creates storage space and becomes a real eye-catcher.

Furnish rooms with sloping ceilings with best practice tips

Even when you’ve made the best use of the space under the sloping ceiling, the rest of the room can still feel a bit cramped. Therefore, in rooms with sloping ceilings, use furniture that is somewhat lower and narrower – it “enlarges” the rest of the room. You should also pay attention to the colors: bright and friendly colors appear freer and wider and are therefore a good choice.

You can also do tricks with the right lighting. Attach the lamps in such a way that they do not only illuminate the space under the sloping roof, because the light does not reach the rest of the room. Rather rely on lamps at the highest point of the ceiling and opt for indirect lighting to also illuminate the space under the sloping roof.

By the way: did you know that you can also use a sloping roof to hang pictures on it? There are special rails that are attached to the sloping roof and hold a picture securely in place. Despite sloping ceilings, you can furnish rooms in such a way that they correspond exactly to your creative wishes – and custom-made furniture will help you with this.