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County Profile

Incorporated: December 15, 1824

Population: 27,597

Total Area: 325.5 Square miles

Cities and Towns

• Thomaston (County Seat)

• Yatesville

Upson County was created from parts of Pike and Crawford counties in 1824. Georgia’s 59th county was named for Stephen Upson, a well-known lawyer and legislator of the time.

Until losing its charter in 1995 due to its inactive status, The Rock was the county’s third municipality. The Rock is located on a rock, hence the name. It is said that the mail used to be deposited in a secret hole in the rock, and that stage drivers were told to “take the mail to the rock.”

Thomaston was named for General Jett Thomas, the leader of the state militia in 1812 and the builder of the state capitol in Milledgeville.

Upson County is home to the Thundering Springs, which once made a sound like rolling thunder. The sound ceased after vandals threw rocks into it. The spring, located 20 miles from Thomaston, was once a boiling column of water and sand, but is now only 12 inches in diameter and merely warm. No bottom to the spring has ever been found.

Some other tourist attractions include Auchumpkee Covered Bridge and the Pettigrew-White-Stamps House. The Auchumpkee Covered Bridge was originally built in 1892 and was destroyed by the floods of 1994. The bridge was later rebuilt by Arnold Graton and Son Bridge builders.

“Fairy Stone,” a world famous good luck charm, can be found near Thomaston. This is actually the mineral Staurolite which is made of two individual crystals that intersect and form geometric angles.

The Sprewell Bluff State Park, located in Upson County, is an 1,500 acre facility featuring hiking trails, picnic areas, and river access for canoers and kayakers. Other facilities geared toward outdoor activities include the Thunder Scout Reservation and the Gerald I. Lawhorn Canoe Base and Training Center.

Upson County is one of about 3,141 counties and county equivalents in the United States. It has 325.5 sq. miles in land area and a population density of 84.6 per square mile. In the last three decades of the 1900s its population grew by 17.4%. On the 2000 census form, 99.5% of the population reported only one race, with 27.9% of these reporting African-American. The population of this county is 1.2% Hispanic (of any race). The average household size is 2.53 persons compared to an average family size of 3.01 persons.

In 2008 manufacturing was the largest of 20 major sectors. It had an average wage per job of $37,676. Per capita income declined by 0.4% between 1998 and 2008 (adjusted for inflation).

People & Income Overview
(By Place of Residence)
Value Industry Overview (2008)
(By Place of Work)
Population (2009) 27,551 Covered Employment 7,554
Growth (%) since 1990 4.8% Average wage per job $29,054
Households (2000) 10,722 Manufacturing – % all jobs in County 19.5%
Labor Force (persons) (2009) 12,341 Average wage per job $37,676
Unemployment Rate (2009) 12.0 Transportation & Warehousing – % all jobs in County 0.6%
Per Capita Personal Income (2008) $25,594 Average wage per job $51,437
Median Household Income (2008) $33,952 Health Care, Social Assist. – % all jobs in County 17.8%
Poverty Rate (2008) 18.6 Average wage per job $33,034
H.S. Diploma or More – % of Adults 25+ (2000) 66.7 Finance and Insurance – % all jobs in County 3.3%
Bachelor’s Deg. or More – % of Adults 25+ (2000) 11.5 Average wage per job $39,027

Address: 216 East Lee Street, Thomaston, GA 30286
Phone: (706) 646-4729
County: Upson County
Enrollment: N/A
Grades: 0

Address: 300 Adams St, Thomaston, GA 30286
Phone: (706) 647-5738
County: Upson County
Enrollment: N/A
Grades: 0

Address: 268 Knight Trl, Thomaston, GA 30286
Phone: (706) 647-8171
County: Upson County
Enrollment: 1,462
Grades: 9-12

Address: 101 Holston Dr, Thomaston, GA 30286
Phone: (706) 647-6256
County: Upson County
Enrollment: 1,047
Grades: 6-8

Address: 334 Knight Trl, Thomaston, GA 30286
Phone: (706) 647-3632
County: Upson County
Enrollment: 730 4-5

Address: 172 Knight Trl, Thomaston, GA 30286
Phone: (706) 647-7516
County: Upson County
Enrollment: 1,554
Grades: PK-3