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County Profile

Incorporated: February 25, 1856

Population: 16,235

Total Area: 452.5 Square miles

Cities and Towns

• Nashville (County Seat)
• Alapaha
• Bannockburn
• Enigma
• Glory
• Ray City
• Weber

Berrien County was created in 1856 from Coffee, Irwin, and Lowndes counties. The county was named for John McPherson Berrien, a U.S. Senator and Andrew Jackson’s Attorney General.

Berrien County had one of the state’s earliest post roads, the Coffee Road. It was opened in 1823 to channel settlers’ crops to Florida.

Nashville was named for General Francis Nash of North Carolina, a distinguished soldier of the Revolutionary War. Alapaha, named by Cherokee Indians who once lived there, means “smiling sunshine” or “laughing water”.

The county is predominantly agricultural and is known as the “Bell Pepper Capital of the World”.

The old jail and the Berrien County Courthouse, both in Nashville, are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The Paradise Public Fishing Area is a 1,060-acre state-owned recreation/wildlife area. Fishing, picnicking, hiking, bird-watching, and primitive camping are available around its 76 lakes and ponds.

There are several animals on the Federal Endangered Species list found in Berrien County. These include the Peregrine Falcon, the Southern Bald Eagle, and the Florida Panther.

Berrien County is one of 159 counties in Georgia. It has 452.4 sq. miles in land area and a population density of 37.7 per square mile. In the last three decades of the 1900s its population grew by 40.5%. On the 2000 census form, 99.1% of the population reported only one race, with 11.4% of these reporting African-American. The population of this county is 2.4% Hispanic (of any race). The average household size is 2.57 persons compared to an average family size of 3.03 persons.

In 2008 manufacturing was the largest of 20 major sectors. It had an average wage per job of $32,240. Per capita income grew by 9.0% between 1998 and 2008 (adjusted for inflation).

People & Income Overview
(By Place of Residence)
Value Industry Overview (2008)
(By Place of Work)
Population (2009) 17,044 Covered Employment 4,516
Growth (%) since 1990 20.4% Average wage per job $28,252
Households (2000) 6,261 Manufacturing – % all jobs in County 30.9%
Labor Force (persons) (2009) 8,140 Average wage per job $32,240
Unemployment Rate (2009) 12.7 Transportation & Warehousing – % all jobs in County 0.6%
Per Capita Personal Income (2008) $28,608 Average wage per job $41,722
Median Household Income (2008) $34,718 Health Care, Social Assist. – % all jobs in County 8.2%
Poverty Rate (2008) 21.9 Average wage per job $24,807
H.S. Diploma or More – % of Adults 25+ (2000) 66.0 Finance and Insurance – % all jobs in County 3.9%
Bachelor’s Deg. or More – % of Adults 25+ (2000) 9.4 Average wage per job $37,858
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Address: P.O. Box 622, Nashville, GA 31639
Phone: (229) 686-6576
County: Berrien County
Enrollment: 72
Grades: 9-12

Address: 305 N Ann St, Nashville, GA 31639
Phone: (229) 686-2939
County: Berrien County
Enrollment: 687 3-5

Address: 500 E Smith Ave, Nashville, GA 31639
Phone: (229) 686-7428
County: Berrien County
Enrollment: 860
Grades: 9-12

Address: 800 Tifton Rd, Nashville, GA 31639
Phone: (229) 686-2021
County: Berrien County
Enrollment: 679
Grades: 6-8

Address: 810 S Dogwood Dr, Nashville, GA 31639
Phone: (229) 686-7438
County: Berrien County
Enrollment: 815
Grades: PK-2