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County Profile

Incorporated: December 15, 1818

Population: 17,419

Total Area: 508.8 Square miles

Cities and Towns

• Baxley (County Seat)
• Graham
• Surrency

The county was named for Colonel Daniel Appling, who was considered Georgia’s most outstanding soldier in the War of 1812. The county was created in 1818 from treaty lands obtained from the Creek Indians.

At one time, Appling County was known as the “Turpentine Capital of the World.”

Incorporated in 1875, Baxley was named for Wilson Baxley. Baxley was an early settler who, like most of the early white settlers in the area, came from coastal North Carolina. He operated a general store where the town later developed.

Lake Mayer and the Altamaha River are available for boating, swimming, and fishing in the county.

The Georgia Power Company’s Edwin I. Hatch Nuclear Power Plant is located in the county on a 2,200-acre site on the Altamaha River. Completed in 1974, the Hatch Plant makes Georgia Power one of the county’s largest employers.

Annual events in the county include the week-long Baxley Tree Fest and Ditch Water Jazz Festival in April, the Piney Bluff Festival in November, and Baxley’s “Celebration of Light” Christmas Parade in early December.

Appling County is one of 159 counties in Georgia. It has 508.5 sq. miles in land area and a population density of 35.4 per square mile. In the last three decades of the 1900s its population grew by 36.9%. On the 2000 census form, 99.4% of the population reported only one race, with 19.6% of these reporting African-American. The population of this county is 4.5% Hispanic (of any race). The average household size is 2.60 persons compared to an average family size of 3.04 persons.

In 2008 retail trade was the largest of 20 major sectors. It had an average wage per job of $19,949. Per capita income grew by 8.4% between 1998 and 2008 (adjusted for inflation).

People & Income Overview
(By Place of Residence)
Value Industry Overview (2008)
(By Place of Work)
Population (2009) 18,011 Covered Employment 6,551
Growth (%) since 1990 14.4% Average wage per job $34,202
Households (2000) 6,606 Manufacturing – % all jobs in County 8.8%
Labor Force (persons) (2009) 9,386 Average wage per job $34,469
Unemployment Rate (2009) 9.8 Transportation & Warehousing – % all jobs in County 4.1%
Per Capita Personal Income (2008) $25,491 Average wage per job $35,050
Median Household Income (2008) $34,654 Health Care, Social Assist. – % all jobs in County 7.7%
Poverty Rate (2008) 20.3 Average wage per job $27,510
H.S. Diploma or More – % of Adults 25+ (2000) 67.3 Finance and Insurance – % all jobs in County 2.7%
Bachelor’s Deg. or More – % of Adults 25+ (2000) 8.4 Average wage per job $33,543
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Address: 344 Altamaha School Rd, Baxley, GA 31513
Phone: (912) 367-3713
County: Appling County
Enrollment: 408
Grades: PK-5

2. APPLING County
Address: 680 Blackshear Hwy, Baxley, GA 31513
Phone: (912) 367-8640
County: Appling County
Enrollment: 518 3-5

3. APPLING County
Enrollment: HIGH SCHOOL
Address: 482 Blackshear Hwy, Baxley, GA 31513
Phone: (912) 367-8610
County: Appling County
Enrollment: 947
Grades: 9-12

4. APPLING County
Address: 2997 Blackshear Hwy, Baxley, GA 31513
Phone: (912) 367-8630
County: Appling County
Enrollment: 762
Grades: 6-8

5. APPLING County
Address: 678 Blackshear Hwy, Baxley, GA 31513
Phone: (912) 367-8642
County: Appling County
Enrollment: 724
Grades: PK-2

Address: 1510 Deens Landing Rd, Baxley, GA 31513
Phone: (912) 367-3383
County: Appling County
Enrollment: 26 7-11

Address: 73 Harvey Street, Unit B, Baxley, GA 31513
Phone: (912) 367-8821
County: Appling County
Enrollment: N/A
Grades: 0

Address: 13396 Blackshear Hwy, Surrency, GA 31563
Phone: (912) 367-3250
County: Appling County
Enrollment: 155
Grades: PK-5