First Qualcomm Bets for The IoT Already Have Name: Snapdragon 410E and Snapdragon 600E

At this stage in 2016, and the advances that are happening in the field of the so-called “Internet of things”, no one doubts about if your washing machine futura will be intelligent or if it will be connected to the Internet. The question is how much it will take to be, now that the development of components for This interconnected future is booming and advances occur almost every week.
Qualcomm is one of maximum stakeholders that all prosper because it intends to take its supremacy in the sector even beyond smartphones, and the option to a processor in every device on the planet is terribly attractive. Possibly that is why it has put hands to work and its two main bets in this sector we have. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 410E and Snapdragon 600E.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 410E for few requirements

When we think of the IoT tend to do so being aware that the needs are many and diverse. As users who need just enough and others who need more advanced specifications we found on smartphones, connected terminals will work the same way. Hence Qualcomm to provide us two chips, one low-end and one middle-range. For now. Let’s look at the first.
The Snapdragon 410E born from the chip’s low range which came to market in 2013 and now has a size of 12 x 14 mm, ideal to get embedded in devices of low volume. Account with Quad-core Cortex-A53 to 1, 2 GHz and with 64-bit architecture. The GPU is, of course, the 306 Adreno that accompanies the version for smartphones.
It supports memory LPDDR3 up to 533 MHz and offers the possibility of acomplarle a camera system with up to 13 megapixel sensors, offering FullHD video recording up to 30 frames per second. As for conectivdad will be 4.1 Bluetooth, GPS, WiFi, USB 2.0 and We can connect you with a 1920 x 1200 display pixels. As we can see, sufficient for many devices that we now have in mind.

The Snapdragon 600E slightly raises the bar

We climb a step and reach the middle range of Qualcomm, with a version for the IoT of his old Snapdragon 600 and is slightly longer, a square chip side 23 mm and 0.8 mm thick. Cueta inside with Krait 300 to 1, 5 GHz quad-core with 32 bit (not on 64-bit as the 410E), as well as a 320 Adreno GPU architecture.
Again, we will encounter the compatibility with LPDDR3 up to 533 Mhz memory and cameras rise also level. The 600E may connect to a 21-megapixel sensor, also with FullHD video at 30 fps recording. The resolution of the screen becomes the 2048 x 1536 and we will have Dual Band WiFi 2.4 and 5 GHz, Bluetooth 4.0, GPS with GLONASS and USB 2.0. With an interesting addition, PCIe 2.0 support so it could be adapted to existing devices.
As you can see in this first bet of Qualcomm introduced into the ecosystem of devices dear friends, the strategy seems to be of adapt economic chips from previous generations. Possibly enough for many objects that we can connect, such as surveillance cameras, washing machines and all kinds of household appliances, and drastically reducing the price of developing a more powerful chip.
Let’s see what such leaves them bet, as dear friends objects glow for now by their absence. Although Samsung already doing tests of specific networks for smart cities, may not take to begin to see them sail the market. Everything is so fast that it is difficult to specify how much will arrive and how will the so named Internet of things we both expect.