Feedly Exceeds 12 Million Users and No Longer Requires Installing Extensions in Browser

The Google Reader will be disabled in less than two weeks. To replace him, one of the best alternatives is the Feedly. The RSS reader just to reach 12 million users, triple what it had before the Google announcement, and today launched a new web interface, which no longer requires the installation of plugins or extensions in the browser. Hallelujah.

The new Feedly web interface can be accessed at cloud.feedly.com. You can log in using your Google account and import all the feeds from Google Reader in just two clicks. And as the name suggests, Feedly Cloud is completely cloud-based and works on any browser, including Internet Explorer and Opera, which were not supported.
The Feedly Cloud does not use the Google Reader API to synchronize data, but its own API, called Normandy, which functions as a clone. Current users of Feedly, using extensions in the browser will be automatically migrated to the new platform in the coming days.
Many applications that previously relied on Google Reader API have been updated today to support the Feedly Cloud, including Press and gReader on Android, Nextgen Readeron Windows Phone 8 and Newsify iOS. The list of applications that support Feedly Cloud is available on this page.