Examples of Sexual Discrimination

STOCKHOLM – A Swedish lingerie chain was sentenced Wednesday by the Industrial Court court for sexual discrimination after forcing an employee to tell her bra size on a badge.
The young woman, used from 2010 to 2011 in the biggest store of lingerie chain “Change” in Sundsvall (northeast), was forced despite his protestations to wear a badge indicating their name, chest, his bra sizes and cap. 
The Employment Tribunal (Arbetsdomstolen) felt that this requirement was discriminatory and that the dignity of the employee had been “raped“.
According to an internal document of the chain, said in the judgment, it was ” to report that we have a bra choice at loverists and are willing to offer the right size underwear.”
It is a gratifying decision, it is very, very well (…). This is a great victory for employee integrity “, told Swedish news agency TT a spokesman trade union employees, Jaana Paalsson, who represented the young woman before the Industrial Tribunal.
Change” was fined 50,000 kroner (6,000 euros) and will pay the complainant’s legal costs.
Employers generally observe scrupulously the law on discrimination, in order to avoid a bad reputation in a country that wants to be the herald of gender equality.