Eddy Cue: "No We Are in The Business of Producing Series"

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The average Hollywood Reporter has published a new interview with Eddy Cue, the senior Vice President of software and services in Apple. In it, the Executive uses to discuss the recent news about a television series of Apple called Planet of the Apps.
Eddy has calmed tempers on what you are saying rumors for months: no, Apple is not working in a television operator own cable. The idea in Cupertino just happens to tvOS become the platform where all the operators can converge.
I.e.: Apple is not going to compete against content providers but it will offer their platforms so that all can be displayed on the terminals and players of the company. Cue has insisted that the key to do that and at the same time “revolutionize” the salon is using new interfaces such as Siri Remote and the App Store of tvOS, In addition to their other platforms. It even has some words for ‘traditional’ digital TV offers:
For me, a satellite receiver is no more than a glorified VCR video player. And so I think there is now room for great opportunities with users wanting to see its content on the iPhones and the iPad on their televisions.
Eddy continues stating that they are now focused on the evolution of Apple Music, and that “they are not in the business of producing series” to “compete with Netflix or Comcast”. So probably, and for now, Planet of the Apps will be somewhat isolated. Maybe in the future we see something else (let us not forget that rumor of a show with Dr Dre or tracks of a hypothetical purchase of Time Warner), but right now the priorities are other.