Designing a Small Hallway

Your hallway welcomes you after a hard day’s work, this is where you take a last look in the mirror before going out and this is also where you greet your guests. The hallway does have an impact on your mood and gives others the first impression of your home. However, sometimes it seems quite a challenge to set up a small hallway in such a way that this important room looks bright, friendly and tidy. Good news: With our professional tips you will definitely succeed.┬áTo see joy and satisfaction through round animal motifs, please check necessaryhome.

Designing a small hallway: That’s what matters

A narrow hallway looks as light as a dark, narrowing tunnel: There are rarely windows in the hallway. At the same time, shoes, jackets, bags, umbrellas, backpacks and much more have to find space in this limited space. Furniture that is too massive looks even more oppressive in a small hallway and in some hallways is even to blame for the fact that the residents can hardly bend down to put on their shoes. At the latest when several guests come to visit, the chaos is perfect.

Even more than in other rooms in your home, it is therefore important to create storage space in a small hallway and to choose narrow furniture and the right lighting. “Freedom of movement”, “brightness” and “order” are the three keywords when furnishing a narrow hallway. This makes your guests feel welcome and you feel comfortable every time you walk down your hallway.

Designing a Small Hallway

Less is more: the right furniture for a small hallway

Bulky furniture is an absolute no-go in a narrow hallway. Instead, you should set up a small hallway in such a way that the furniture takes up little space and still offers enough storage space. It is best to invest in a custom- made hallway cabinet that fits into your hallway with millimeter precision and has just the right depth. A sliding door wardrobe is particularly suitable , as its doors do not require any additional space to be opened. With wall shelves or hanging boards , you can also create a lot of free floor space.

Make a small hallway with bright colors

Narrow entrance areas often appear gloomy. That’s why you should counteract this with light wall colors if you want to set up a small hallway. White, cream or light blue walls are inviting and increase the perception of space. Even light-colored floor coverings can work wonders and create a harmonious overall picture. If you have a dark wooden or stone floor that is not easy to replace, you can work with light-colored carpets, for example.

Tip for storage space and wardrobe: Use corners and niches in a small hallway

Corner cupboards and niche cupboards provide endless storage space in small hallways: With custom-made furniture, you can use even the smallest space here. You can’t remodel your hallway, but you can have your cupboards made to measure so that they fit exactly into your hallway. Niches are also a great solution for the cloakroom in a small hallway: by “sinking” the cloakroom into a niche, you save floor and passage space, so that even a narrow hallway remains easily passable.

Make small hallways look larger with mirrors

If you want to set up a small hallway well, mirrors play a particularly important role: they reflect daylight, brighten up dark areas and make the room appear much more spacious. So the next time you want to buy a new hallway closet, look for a closet with mirrored doors. Of course, you can also do a lot with individual mirrors, especially if they fill unused niches.

Light magic for narrow corridors

Different lamps not only bring light into the dark, but also make your small hallway appear larger. It is important that there are light sources of different brightness: With soft, indirect light you can design your small hallway so that it appears warm and cozy, while bright, whitish light creates space and also helps you when looking for the house key. You can find out more about light sources in our blog article on five common hallway decorating mistakes .

Set up a narrow hallway now? Get advice!

If you would like more specific information about custom-made furniture for small hallways that fits to the millimeter , you can always contact our furnishing experts, who will be happy to help and advise you. With a tailor-made solution, you can even use and design sloping ceilings . We wish you lots of fun with it!

Designing a Small Hallway