Design Beautiful Outdoor Areas with Outdoor Planks

Sitting on the terrace on a warm summer evening or looking out over the city from the balcony – it’s even more fun when your outdoor area is beautifully designed. And let’s be honest: Well-maintained wooden floorboards simply look better than bare concrete or a piece of artificial turf. Conveniently, there are so many variants of outdoor floorboards that you are guaranteed to find the right one for you. In this article you will find out which boards are best suited for your terrace or balcony. To see murals in the hallway, please check necessaryhome.

This is how you can use outdoor boards

Classics are planks with which you can beautify the terrace or balcony. Terrace boards made of wood or imitation wood look wonderfully natural, while outdoor boards made of aluminum can be used to equip garden areas that are exposed to changeable weather. Paths, footbridges or small bridges can also be designed in this way – there are no limits to your ideas of a dream garden.

The outdoor floorboards are usually screwed to an existing substructure. In the meantime, however, there are also practical click systems, thanks to which even laypeople can do the work themselves. There is still the question of the material. You already guessed it: It depends on your requirements.

Outdoor Planks

Wooden or WPC floorboards for outdoor areas?

If you prefer it natural, you can’t avoid wooden balcony or terrace decking. There is a large selection of wood types available to you, such as oak, Douglas fir, pine, larch or thermal bamboo. Wooden floorboards make your outdoor area cozy and cosy.

Like the wooden tables or chairs that go with it, your wooden floorboards also need a little care to keep them looking beautiful for years to come. It is important to properly clean wooden furniture . When buying, make sure that the wood is already pre-treated if you don’t want to take care of it yourself. The accessories for laying and the right screws are usually included with the purchase.

An alternative for the outdoor area are WPC boards. WPC stands for “Wood-Plastic-Composites”. The floorboards are made from a mixture of plastics and wood. WPC floorboards are very well suited for outdoor use because they are durable even without regular and expensive care: they are resistant to fungi and wood pests and – unlike wooden floorboards – tend neither to splintering nor to tearing.

Both types of outdoor decking are available with different surface finishes. For example, there are smooth, ribbed or brushed models.

Resysta planks for patios or balconies

Resysta is a fibre-reinforced hybrid material consisting of around 60% rice husk and around 20% each of rock salt and mineral oil. This means that these outdoor floorboards are environmentally friendly on the one hand and extremely resistant to sun, rain and snow on the other.

Resysta planks look warm and natural on the terrace or balcony – they can hardly be distinguished from real wood. The material is easy to care for, waterproof and does not splinter, swell or tear. Like WPC planks for outdoor use, Resysta planks are resistant to fungal and animal infestation and are also very non-slip. They are available in different glazes, so that you can determine the color scheme yourself.

Outdoor planks made of aluminum

In terms of longevity, aluminum planks cannot be topped in the outdoor area. They are extremely hard-wearing and easy to care for. This makes them the ideal choice – not only as a floor covering on the balcony or terrace, but also in other garden areas, for example for pergolas. Since aluminum outdoor planks are also available in an anti-slip version, they are also suitable for edging a pool in the garden. They are shatterproof and noise-reducing.

You don’t have to worry that aluminum outdoor planks might be too cold or too modern for your natural balcony or garden: They are available in a wood look, among other things, so you don’t have to do without cosiness and natural flair.

By the way: The right decoration makes your terrace or balcony really cozy. How about, for example, harmonious furnishings in the Hygge style and matching homemade lanterns ?

Design Beautiful Outdoor Areas with Outdoor Planks