Decorative Elements from Nature

I believe there are few people who cannot enjoy nature. Because how nice is it to enjoy nature in the middle of the forest, on a meadow, by a lake or by the sea? It contains so much beauty, strength and relaxation that it would be a good idea to take some home with you. There are many great ways to do that.

In principle there are no restrictions (except for naturally protected plants or the apples from the neighbor’s garden). Every season has its peculiarities and every season offers us very different possibilities for decoration. A specially shaped branch found on the forest floor in winter can be a complete decoration all by itself in the center of a table . Or it provides cosiness in a nice, large vessel in a corner of the room.┬áTo see high quality structured wallpaper, please check listofledlights.

Decorate with simple natural products

We recommend that you first store everything you bring from outside, be it stones, branches, moss or whatever you find, spread out on a piece of newspaper in a dry place for two days. This prevents unpleasant surprises! Because all the worms, spiders, beetles or whatever else might be hiding in there then have enough time to get out of the dust and don’t reappear unexpectedly as an accompaniment to dessert.

In summer, flowers or grass are particularly suitable as natural decorative elements. A beautiful vessel can be turned into a little oasis by lining the bottom with stones from the river, filling it with water and decorating it with a few flowers, flower heads or blossoming branches. Or we combine sand with stones and a few grasses to create a small private beach in our apartment or in the garden. We support the maritime feeling by using large mussel shells as serving bowls, for example.

Decorative Elements from Nature

Stones as a natural decorative element

Stones are a great way to use natural decorative elements. Not only do they look great and they are soothing to the eye and mind. They are also ideal for separating living areas from one another or for lining paths in the garden and separating them from the lawn. Lots of small stones or pebbles can also beautify an unused flower bed or create your own path.

If we walk through nature with open eyes, we can always discover something new and impressive and use creativity to make it a beautiful part of our home.

Decorative Elements from Nature