Decoration in Grey

Gray is often mistaken for a boring, drab, and sad color. It is no coincidence that the phrases “grey everyday life” or “grey mouse” come about. However, things are very different when it comes to furnishing your own apartment in gray: Because gray is not only very popular, but also incredibly versatile. In this article you will find out how you can furnish your home in the trend color gray and thus create timelessly beautiful room concepts. To see trendy mdf decoration, please check proindustrialfans.

Gray is not just gray: Decorate with shades

There is no one shade of grey. On the contrary: in its own way, gray is as diverse as the rainbow. Before you set up your apartment in grey, you should be clear about the mood you want to create. With anthracite you conjure up a dark, warm atmosphere, while light gray appears light and reserved. Concrete gray brings a yellow tinge to your interior, field gray shimmers greenish and dove gray bluish.

Decoration in Grey

By the way: Shades of gray can be wonderfully combined with one another. Furnishing in gray has absolutely nothing to do with “boring”! You should only choose a neutral gray as a complement to the gray tones with a color cast.

Great combination for the living room: walls in grey, furnishings in colour…

The individual shades of gray go great with eye-catchers in your favorite colour. If you want to set up your living room in grey, you don’t have to commit to a color concept for your decoration. Gray puts your desired color all the more in the spotlight. For example, combine your gray walls with colored picture frames or your gray sofa with colorful sofa cushions.

The combination of white and gray is also welcome and flatters your four walls. A white shelf stands out wonderfully from a gray wall and looks very classy and discreet. With gray as the wall color, you are making a good choice if you do not want to leave your walls white, but still want to make them timeless and changeable. Conversely, you can of course also opt for white walls and set up your living room or bedroom in gray.

…or vice versa: colored walls, furnishings in grey

There may be some paint on the walls, right? No problem. Pastel colors such as mint green are popular. The rest of the furnishings should then take a back seat – so it’s appropriate to furnish your apartment in grey. A white coffee table surrounded by gray armchairs looks modern and harmonious, gray sideboards create discreet storage space.

A nice side effect: in combination with pastel colors, gray has a calming and relaxing effect. Therefore, the duo of mint green and gray is also very suitable for furnishing your bedroom. After a hard day, your gray matter can rest and recharge your batteries.

Set up in gray with high ceilings: everything is open at the top

Do you live in a charming old building with high ceilings? Then your apartment is predestined to be furnished in grey: stucco elements can be perfectly staged with a light gray – simply paint the intermediate surfaces and be enchanted by the sight of the stucco. However, make sure that the gray is not too dark, otherwise the room will quickly appear cramped.

Even small rooms can be set up in grey. Here, too, rely on lighter shades of gray in combination with white furniture. Both make the room appear larger. And as you now know, white and gray make a great team anyway. By the way, gray is also a good choice for setting up your home office .

Decoration in Grey