Decorating Your Apartment with Hygge

Denmark is considered one of the happiest countries in the world, and the secret behind it is: “Hygge”. Not just the furnishings, but a whole lifestyle is hidden behind this word, which roughly translates to “cosiness”. Unfortunately, we can’t help you with the lifestyle – but we are happy to give you the best hygge furnishing tips with which Danish happiness can also move into your home. To see alu dibond decoration for living styles in modern designs, please check proindustrialfans.

What is hygge anyway?

Spend Sunday snuggled up in a woolen blanket on your favorite armchair, reading a good book and drinking a delicious mint tea, enjoying your favorite dish with friends at a beautifully laid table with a glass of wine and good conversation, or taking a trip into nature and just enjoying the moment let yourself be drawn in: all this is hygge. You create the basis for all this by furnishing your apartment with Hygge. The five secrets for this are:

  • hygge furniture
  • matching colors
  • warm light
  • Nature
  • and last but not least the decoration

The right furniture for your hygge interior

It all starts with the right furniture. Hygge furnishings primarily include furniture made of wood or with light surfaces – birch, pine and oak are particularly popular. There should be plenty of space, both when sitting and eating together, as well as in the apartment itself. If you want to furnish your apartment with hygge, you should refrain from making it too crowded: free spaces between the furniture create space and leave your home airy and look inviting.

Decorating Your Apartment with Hygge

Bespoke furniture allows you to design each piece to fit your overall concept. Above all, the large table , where family and friends come together to eat, for example, should not be missing. The matching benches or a comfortable sofa bring Scandinavian flair into the room. And so that hygge also moves into the bedroom, you should put on a wide, rather low bed in light colors.

That certain glow: set up with hygge in the living room or bedroom

To get you in the right hygge mood, you should rely on indirect and natural light. For example, you can arrange pillar candles or tea lights on a tray or place tall candles in candle holders. This goes very well with succulents – they are currently very trendy and require little care.

Fairy lights complete your hygge decor and add a beautiful glow to your home. Of course, a floor lamp next to a comfortable wing chair should not be missing. The highlight of the Scandinavian cosiness is the fireplace, as long as it can be set up – more hygge is not possible!

Nature, nature, nature: accessories for more comfort

Everything that is natural is allowed: wood, leather, wool and sheepskins make your four walls more comfortable. A light wooden floor is perfect for your Hygge-style interior. If your apartment is not blessed with this, you can also use light-colored carpets very well.

Whether in the living room or bedroom: hygge means warm and cozy. Wool carpets and cosy, soft pillows and blankets are always welcome. Small decorative elements such as cones, branches or stones round off the perfect hygge feeling. In general, the credo applies: “Less is more!” – because a discreet and not overloaded furnishing leaves your soul space to develop freely.

Decor: Give your hygge decor the finishing touch

Since the hygge style is rather minimalist, the decoration is particularly eye-catching. Two things are important here: comfort – of course – and the choice of colour. Here, too, the recommendation is to choose natural colors or splashes of color in green and blue for beautiful accents. As far as comfort is concerned: If you furnish your apartment in the hygge style, even your teacup, your fleece blanket and your cozy socks become decorative elements.

Vases, bowls and glasses – perhaps housed in showcases – bring liveliness to your home. Rely on natural materials such as earthenware, wood, ceramics or porcelain.

With these furnishing tips, hygge will soon be a permanent guest in your home. We hope you enjoy planning and setting up!

Decorating Your Apartment with Hygge