Decorate Your Apartment Cleverly: Furniture for More Space at Home

It doesn’t matter whether you have children or live in a colorful shared apartment: It’s not always quiet and peaceful at home. If you live with several people under one roof, you need space to relax or to work in a concentrated manner.

We show you how to be particularly clever with room dividers and space-saving furniture when furnishing your apartment. To make your work easier, we have put together a few tips for you.

  • Use room dividers and separate your rooms with shelves, walls or doors.
  • Use every angle and use corner cabinets and niche cabinets.
  • Adapt cupboards and shelves to the often unused spaces under sloping ceilings or stairs.
  • Use the wall with wall boards & shelf cubes as storage space.
  • Create quiet spaces through soundproofing.
  • Include color and light in your decor.

Ideas for room dividers: Furnish an apartment with walls and shelves

Dividing rooms is a particularly sensible solution when a room is to be used for several purposes. Perhaps separate play corners should be set up in the children’s room so that siblings can also withdraw once in a while. Or you need a separate area in the living room for your home office . Especially if you want to set up a very small apartment, well separated areas are important. There are different solutions depending on your needs.

Furniture for More Space at Home

More space in the apartment with a sheetrock wall as a permanent room divider

Rigips can be used if you want a clear, fixed separation of the individual areas when furnishing your apartment. With the building material, complete walls can be raised using a simple plug-in system, which can then be wallpapered and decorated. This is a quick and easy way to create more space at home. If, for example, the children’s room is to be permanently divided or a pantry is to be created, Rigips is the right option for you.

Divide rooms with shelves and wardrobes

When furnishing small apartments, however, it makes more sense to use the existing furniture as a room divider instead of putting up additional walls. By cleverly placing cabinets and shelves, you achieve a less harsh but still effective separation, and you can easily create more space in your home. Shelves can be set up with a back wall, and thus opaque, or flooded with light without a back wall. Of course, how much the shelf shields an area also depends on how many books or decorative elements are stowed away. Like shelves, wardrobes also serve as room dividers and storage space at the same time. You can use them, for example, to divide your bedroom into a sleeping and reading corner. An elegant solution that integrates seamlessly into any room.

Furnishing ideas with multifunctional sliding doors

Sliding doors clearly divide a room and have other useful properties: They keep disturbing noises and smells away, which is why they are particularly suitable for separating open kitchens. Sliding glass doors allow you to create a quiet workspace at home while letting in light. With sliding doors you can make your home furnishings modern, cozy or rustic. The most important thing: You definitely create more space in your apartment with a sliding door.

Simple and effective: more space at home with sliding curtains and screens

Sliding curtains and screens offer a quick solution for separating individual areas in a larger room. The classic room dividers are easy to set up and primarily offer privacy protection. Especially in large rooms like the living room, it can get restless when the residents gather there at the same time. Screens and sliding curtains can help set up the apartment. This allows you to set up small booths that are a welcome retreat and create more space in your home.

Our tip: You can already provide spatial separation by cleverly placing a houseplant or a seating area.

Utilize every corner with corner and niche cabinets for more space at home

If you have very little space in your apartment, you should use it as much as possible. Cupboards that can be placed in corners and niches are ideal when furnishing a small apartment. Whether you want to set up your home office in a small corner, or simply need more storage space for supplies, books or household items – it is all possible with made- to-measure cabinets .

When furnishing apartments, corner cupboards and niche cupboards are particularly often placed in small hallways , where there is usually little space available. But even in small apartments, in the basement or in the attic, they give you the opportunity to use every cubic meter of your apartment cleverly.

Set up the apartment: cupboards and shelves for sloping ceilings and the like.

Of course, shelves or cupboards with a sloping side can also be used as room dividers. However, they are most commonly used in attic apartments. Because these often present their residents with the challenge of using the available space in the best possible way. Furniture with standard dimensions can rarely meet these requirements. Custom-made cupboards and shelves are cut exactly to the sloping roof .

This solution is also ideal for the space below stairs , which is often wasted due to a lack of suitable furniture. File folders for the home office can be stored here as well as books, shoes and bags. Depending on requirements, the cabinets can be equipped with doors made of wood or glass.

Tip: If the angle of your roof slope between the knee wall and the slope is more than 60°, you should opt for furniture with a stepped slope.

Use the wall as storage space: wall boards and shelf boxes

Not only the floor serves as the basis for your interior. Walls can also be used to create more space in your home. You can use shelving cubes or wall boards hung on the wall to store things like books, plants or pictures – and to save space.
Wall boards and shelf cubes are popular pieces of furniture when furnishing an apartment. They are attached as individual elements, giving you all the options in terms of placement and composition. While wall boards are more classic, shelf cubes set stylish accents. With them you can implement many creative ideas when furnishing your apartment.

Creating quiet spaces through soundproofing

In addition to the spatial and visual separation, the acoustic also ensures that the noise level is significantly reduced even in large households. Acoustic walls or acoustic frames are used for sound insulation and reduce the reverberation times in rooms. They are often found in offices or conference rooms, but they are also suitable for your four walls.
For example, have you set up your home office in the living room or does your child need a quiet corner to study for school? Then an acoustic wall is the right choice. Do you want to generally reduce the volume in a room? Then acoustic frames are best suited for hanging.

Set up a small apartment – colors, light and more

In addition to the many space-saving solutions, there are also some clever tricks to make rooms appear larger . These help you to make the living conditions in your household more open and friendly – and thus ensure a relaxed atmosphere:

  • Use light colors: they make rooms appear larger and friendlier.
  • Attach different light sources to illuminate even small corners.
  • Set up a large mirror. This reflects the light and optically expands the room.
  • Be economical with the decoration. Small rooms quickly appear overloaded with decorative elements.
  • Vertical wallpaper patterns (e.g. stripes) visually stretch the room upwards.

Furniture for More Space at Home