Decorate the Dressing Room

Does your home offer you the luxury of your own dressing room? Decorating this is a wonderfully creative task that focuses on one thing above all: your well-being. So look forward to an article that is 100% about your preferences. We’ve put together both the basics and creative pro tips to help you set up your dressing room. To see attractive wall design with high quality wallpaper, please check listofledlights.

The basics of setting up your dressing room

Do you have enough space to devote an entire room to your wardrobe? Fantastic – then let’s dive straight into the basics of design. But if you have less space available, a dressing room can also be created with the help of room dividers – for example as part of a spacious bedroom. And if that’s not possible either, even in a small home, you have the option of planning a walk-in closet .

However, this is about how you decorate and set up your dressing room. Let’s start with the wall color: This should be rather subtle so that it doesn’t look too colorful in combination with all your clothes. White, cream, and pastel colors are good options. The same applies to the floor covering : use one or at most two colors, preferably without any conspicuous patterns.

The basic furnishings of your dressing room include shelving systems or wardrobes. Since open shelving systems expose your clothes to dust, choose shelves or closets with doors, or at least use boxes that slide into the shelves. As a rule, dresses and suits are not folded, but should be allowed to hang in their full length. So make sure you have room for some clothes rails. This basic equipment always fits – you can adapt the other features exactly to your requirements.

Decorate the Dressing Room

Customize your dressing room

We recommend having shelves made to measure for your dressing room . You can adapt these individually: For example, place the clothes rails at exactly the height where you can easily reach the clothes, or adjust the depth of the shelves to the dimensions of your shoes. Custom-made cabinets fit perfectly in niches or against narrow walls. Another bonus: You can even have certain compartments equipped with lighting so that you can always find what you are looking for, even in the dark.

You should plan an additional closet for your shoes so that they don’t give off bad smells to your clothes. Furnishing your dressing room also includes a table or shelf (so that you don’t have to put your clothes on the floor when you change clothes), a shelf for make-up if necessary, and a chair or bench for putting on your shoes.

Tip: Designate hooks for belts, ties, and purses to keep things organized and avoid untangling knots.

Once the setup is done, the fun part follows: outfitting and decorating your dressing room.

Personal decoration for your dressing room

Your dressing room fulfills two main functions: on the one hand, you should be able to find everything immediately, and on the other hand, you should feel attractive. So when decorating a dressing room, it is important that every decorative element simply makes you happy and makes you feel good. Treat yourself to a bit of luxury!

For example, let yourself be inspired by beautiful photos – either of yourself in your favorite outfit or of your role models or of particularly beautiful items of clothing. Posters or clippings from magazines are also suitable decorations for the dressing room.

Of course, mirrors should not be missing either. These not only serve to critically examine the outfit, on the contrary: You will be amazed at how well it can be decorated with mirrors in the dressing room . How about fresh flowers on the table? This may sound extravagant, but it definitely contributes to a homely atmosphere. So that you don’t get cold feet when changing clothes, you can place a fluffy carpet in the middle of the room.

Professional tip for decorating in the dressing room: the photo wallpaper

Admittedly, it is bold to decorate your dressing room with a photo wallpaper – after all, the result should not look cluttered. However, if chosen cleverly, the wallpaper can become a decorative highlight. Consider the following three tips:

  • It is better to choose one large motif than many small ones – otherwise the overall picture will end up looking too restless.
  • Cleverly place the main motif on a section of wall between two shelves or cupboards so that it comes into its own in the best possible way.
  • Order your wallpaper from a supplier whose website allows you to see the end result in advance.

Decorate the Dressing Room