Decorate Living Room like a Pro: Tips & Tricks

It starts with the color of the walls, continues with the furniture and ends with the decoration: decorating and furnishing your own living room can become a real science. Luckily, there are a few basic tips that will make everything easier. Here you can find out how you can use colours, plants, pictures and other decorations to create an atmosphere in your living room.

Before decorating: set up your living room in the right colors

Did you know that colors don’t just look good, they also affect our mood? Before you set about furnishing your living room, it is therefore worth taking a look at the different living room colors and their meaning . Use free color samples to find out in advance which colors harmonize with each other.

Maybe you want to decorate and set up your living room in gray ? Gray is anything but boring if you consciously combine the different shades. When it comes to decorating your living room, you can create striking accents with elements in bright colors.

Decorate Living Room like a Pro

Grey, white and black are also great if you want to decorate your living room in a more modern way. This color combination goes well with the modern Bauhaus style , for example . A gray sofa and brown and white hanging shelves look great in a contemporary decorated living room.

Decorate with light in the living room

Lamps and lights offer you the opportunity to stage your living room according to your mood and activities. For example, set up a cozy reading corner with a matching armchair and add a warm, glowing floor lamp. Backlighting when watching TV is easy on the eyes and creates a pleasant atmosphere. A hanging lamp above the table is suitable for a game night with friends , and for a romantic evening for two you can decorate your living room with candles on the window sill.

Textiles on the windows – curtains, curtains or fabric blinds – make your living room more comfortable. You can create great effects with brightly colored curtains when the sun shines into the room and lights up the whole room.

Decorate with pictures in the living room

Pictures are a cheap and easy way to add personality and vibrancy to your home. If you want to decorate your living room with pictures, you should pay particular attention to the size and color of the frames. Here you can create contrasts that catch the eye – red frames on white walls or a mix of small and large or angular and round frames. Hang the frames offset. This makes the result even livelier.

Plants as a popular living room decoration

No wonder so many people decorate their living room with plants: they have a relaxing effect and sometimes even improve the indoor climate. Besides, they just look great – in the modern as well as in the cozy or in the natural living room. The combination of wooden furniture, many plants and small decorative elements such as stones and pieces of wood is particularly beautiful. The ficus and the dragon tree are very easy to care for.

If you want to decorate your living room with plants, these tips will come in handy:

  • Use pots that don’t have holes so you don’t ruin your living room floor. However, check your plants regularly for waterlogging, otherwise the roots can become moldy.
  • When buying, pay attention to how much light your plants need. If you want to decorate a rather dark living room with plants, sword fern, zamioculcas or cobbler palm are good choices.
  • You achieve the absolute professional decoration when your plants also bloom in a color that harmonises with the tones in your living room.

More tips for decorating your living room

The more personal the decoration you choose, the more your living room really becomes “yours”. So you don’t have to hide your passion for collecting, whether it’s coins, stamps or teddy bears. However, keep the following tips in mind so that your living room decoration doesn’t end up looking chaotic.

  • Less is more: Decide on a handful of decorations rather than filling up all the free spaces. This is overwhelming and also makes cleaning no fun.
  • Display small collectibles in neat display cases that are color coded to match your decor.
  • Pro Tip: When setting up figures or similar, choose an odd number if possible. Three or five “exhibits” seem more inviting than four or six.

By the way: If it is important to you that it is not too colourful, decorations made of copper or glass are a good choice for you. These almost always fit well and help you to decorate your living room in a particularly stylish way.

Decorate Living Room like a Pro