Debrecen, Hungary

According to zipcodesexplorer, Debrecen is the second most populous city in Hungary after the capital. It is known for its Nagyerdö (“Big Forest”) park, which has a large thermal hydropathic facility, which is today considered one of the most popular resorts in the country. The local hotels are establishments of the level of 3-4 “stars”, on the basis of half board.

How to get to Debrecen

Debrecen has excellent transport links with the Hungarian capital. Dozens of trains a day go here from Budapest – even the most spontaneous trip will not be upset. Trains spend 2-3 hours on the way. And recently getting to Debrecen has become even easier. Moscow and the Eastern Hungarian city were connected by a direct flight.


The historic center can be easily explored on foot. For long trips (or if you are too lazy to walk on your own two feet), you can take a tram that leaves from the Central Station and circles with full coverage of interesting places: the main street, the Great Church, the Great Forest, the zoo and the baths.

Hotels Debrecen

You can taste the delights of sybaritism in the historic hotel “Golden Bull”, which is in the very heart of Debrecen. For a complete relaxation vacation, we recommend staying at the Nagyerde Hotel, located right in the middle of the Great Forest. Well, next to the airport there is a new high-quality “four” – the Platan Hotel. In the city itself, there are also several cheap hostels and cozy pensions.

Treatment in Debrecen

There are four pools with thermal water, baths and steam rooms on the territory of the Nagyerdö healing bath. The bath complex also includes the Aquatikum water park: family and group jacuzzis, cave baths, flow corridors, showers, massage rooms, an artificial wave pool, a children’s pool, a climbing wall and 11 water slides. The water is alkaline-chloride, hydrogen-carbonate, containing iodine, bromine, sodium chloride, calcium, magnesia and metaboric acid.

Indications: chronic inflammation of the joints, Bechterew’s disease, diseases of the spine, gout, rheumatism, chronic inflammation of the tendon sheath, tennis elbow, neuralgia, cartilage disc problems, narrowing of the joints, problems of the musculoskeletal system after injuries, orthopedic diseases, paralysis, certain skin diseases, chronic inflammatory diseases, some forms of infertility, menopause, chronic respiratory diseases.

Contraindications: acute inflammatory diseases, high fever, infectious diseases, tuberculosis, malignant tumors, heart failure, unstable arterial hypertension, pregnancy and lactation, uncompensated thyroid diseases.

Entertainment and attractions of Debrecen

The country’s largest Classicist Reformed Cathedral, the country’s oldest operating Golden Bull Hotel, the Classicist City Hall, the Greek Catholic Church, St. Anne’s Cathedral, the Deri Museum and an old windmill.

In the park area “Big Forest” there is a zoo, “luna park”, a botanical garden and thermal baths.

Debrecen, Hungary

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