Daler-Rowney Painting Supply – Founding in 1783, UK


Daler-Rowney Painting Supply - Founding in 1783, UK


Brand facts:

  • Daler-Rowney is a world leading brand specializing in manufacturing art materials including colors, papers, easels, canvases, brushes and other accessories.
  • They are devoted to creating high quality art supply with a goal to inspire a love of art and bring a kind of open and creative minds for people in all ages.


Main Categories:

Colors, papers, easels, canvases, accessories, brushes, drawing media, boards, luggage

Founding (*):

Time and place: 1783, UK

Early products: perfumes and wig powder

Founder: Richard and Thomas Rowney


Headquarter Location:
Bracknell, UK


Store Locations:

UK and worldwide



CEO: Patrick Giraud


New Arrivals:

Price Range:

Paints: USD0.01-USD169.99

Official Website: