Creative Decorating Ideas

Anyone can do 08/15 – how about really crazy, creative furnishing ideas today that are out of the ordinary and give your guests a reason to talk? From the belt shelf to the post-it mosaic, you will find suggestions for very unusual furnishing options in this article.

Creative furnishing ideas with shelves

Normally, the contents of a shelf are more unusual. But what if your shelf itself becomes an eye-catcher? We introduce you to the craziest shelf constructions. To see wall mural New York, please check necessaryhome.

Creative Decorating Ideas

The Belt Shelf

You will need two leather belts (the thicker and more rustic the better), a shelf and several nails for this shelf. Make loops of the same length from the belts, into which the board is placed. Nail the belts to the board. The construction is now hung on the wall using nails. This crazy furnishing idea is not suitable for heavy books, but small accessories, picture frames or one or the other small plant can be found on the belt shelf.

The Stock Shelf

This shelf is best used in the kitchen. You need a simple kitchen shelf and a stick that is as straight as possible. You can buy this in the flower shop or bring it with you from the next walk in the forest. You hang the stick under the kitchen shelf using thick nylon cords. Now you can attach ordinary metal hooks to the stick, which will then hold your soup ladles, oven gloves, etc. If the construction is stable enough, herb pots hanging on it also look beautiful.

The wooden box shelf

This crazy furnishing idea is very inexpensive and easy to implement. You only need a few old wooden boxes, like those you can buy cheaply at the flea market. You can now nail these boxes to the wall or creatively stack them on top of each other on the floor. Do you prefer colourful? Just paint the boxes in your favorite colors.

The crayon shelf

This really creative furnishing idea requires a sure instinct and a great deal of patience. You need 200 colored pencils of the same length and sharpened accurately, lots of super glue and two wooden squares. Now carefully glue the colored pencils together in two rows one on top of the other to create a shelf. Once this is dry and stable, you can attach it to the wall with the two brackets. Heavy items should not be on the shelf, but it is always an eye-catcher.

Crazy furnishing ideas for your walls

Colors and wallpaper are very pretty, but there is another way to go really crazy. The following are creative wall designs that you can use for your home.

The slate wall

Brainstorming with a difference: If you have your own study, you can leave the scratchpad on the side and clear a whole wall for your thoughts. A complete wall of the room is not covered with wallpaper, but with a custom-made slate. Now all you need is a large supply of chalk and you’re good to go!

The extraordinary wardrobe

Rustic oak was yesterday. Creative furnishing ideas are a trend – also for cloakrooms. It is particularly beautiful when the wardrobe merges with the wall design. The picture of a tree, provided with many small hooks, can be a practical coat rack and an extraordinary eye-catcher in the entrance area at the same time.

The post-it mosaic

Many people know that the small, colorful tear-off slips are very practical. You may not have known that they also make good wall decorations. Here’s how it works: You need stacks of post-its, preferably in five different colors, and some paste. Clear a wall and start neatly sticking down Post-its of a certain color from below. Gradually, post-its in a different color can then be added to create a smooth transition.

This creative interior design idea becomes a true rainbow when you start with yellow post-its, then slowly transition to orange, pink, purple and finally blue. White shelves can be wonderfully attached to such a wall without disturbing the overall picture.

The animal sockets

This idea for creative wall design is probably the simplest of all, because all you need is colored felt-tip pens. You can use it to draw funny animals around the sockets. For example, the socket can become the snout of a little pig. Or she gets two ears, two eyes and a tongue hanging out from you and becomes a little dog. A great creative furnishing idea that is particularly popular in children’s rooms.

Fluorescent wall paints

Attention night owls! This creative wall design only reveals its unique character in the dark. If you paint the moon and stars in the children’s room with fluorescent wall paints, for example, you can give your offspring a sleep experience every night. The colors glow as soon as it gets dark, giving an almost magical impression.

Get creative with lighting

Light has a major influence on the mood and, if selected correctly, creates a homely atmosphere in every room. But light can do much more, as the following creative lighting tips will show you.

The LED umbrella

This lighting tip is especially for people who have high ceilings. So if you live in an old building, be careful! An elegant umbrella is needed, preferably in black, and many small LEDs. You attach these to the entire underside of the umbrella and then hang the umbrella under the ceiling. The many small lights under the umbrella give the impression of stars in the firmament – a wonderful creative furnishing idea for adults and children. Maybe you even put your bed under it?

The lightbulb forest

If you thought loose lightbulbs were only for run-down bachelor pads or a closet, think again: it’s all in the staging! A single lightbulb may not look like much, but when there are 15 lightbulbs dangling from the ceiling at different heights, the impression is completely different. Of course, not all light bulbs have to be supplied with electricity, that would be too expensive and also too bright. It is quite sufficient if only one light bulb or maybe two or three light up.

The misused lamp base

All you need for this crazy interior design idea is an old lampshade and a fancy object that will serve as a lamp base in the future. There are no limits to your ingenuity: a colorful rubber boot, an antique vase, the telescopic base of a camera or even a narrow tree stump can make a fabulous lamp base.

Ornate lanterns

Lanterns are not only for the terrace or the garden, they can also create atmospheric light in the home. Colorful lanterns make the children’s room happier, but white lanterns also look elegant and classy over the sofa in the living room.

The craziest furnishing ideas for small rooms

Many of the tips in this article are also suitable for small rooms. However, we have put together the following creative furnishing ideas especially for your smallest room.

Imaginative color concepts

When designing a small space , it is important to choose the right colors from the start. Light colors work best, but how you apply them to the wall is up to you. For example, how about the wiping technique, where lighter and darker shades come together?

Creative room separation

Make two of one room: Room dividers can be used for many creative furnishing ideas and they are incredibly versatile. Shelves, screens or sliding doors can be used as room dividers , but walls with different designs can also create a separation. Colors, pictures or wall tattoos are suitable for this.

The stool becomes a guest bed

In a small apartment there is often a lack of sleeping facilities. Guests usually have to make do with an air mattress instead of a guest room. New multifunctional furniture can help here. A textile stool, for example, can be folded out into a guest bed, and a tabletop at the workplace becomes a bed in the evening. Multifunctional furniture and made-to-measure furniture open up the possibility of implementing completely new creative furnishing ideas – even in the smallest of spaces.

Create individual storage space

Everyone can find hidden storage space in their home – creative furnishing ideas, on the other hand, not only make the storage space visible, but also aesthetic. For example, use the space under your stairs for a stair case or fill the space under sloping ceilings with specially made cupboards for sloping ceilings . How about a shelving frame built around your door or hooks on the walls to hang your folding guest chairs?
We hope you enjoy implementing these creative furnishing ideas. Maybe you can also be inspired by our living examples ?

Creative Decorating Ideas