Country Style Trend

If you live in the country, you may already be subconsciously creating the country house style yourself – city dwellers can bring a piece of natural relaxation into their home with this style of living. The country house style has very different orientations and is very trendy. In this article we will introduce you to the style of living. To see modern wall colors, please check bestcraftblog.

This is how you succeed in furnishing in a country house style

The country house style comes in a lovingly old-fashioned, somewhat nostalgic way. Furnishings in a country house style appear inhabited, used and therefore also comfortable. The country house style is often described as “naturally modern”, and that brings us to the basis for this style of living: naturalness. This is reflected, for example, in the natural colors and in the natural floor coverings such as parquet, laminate or stone.

Tip: wallpapers are not suitable for every style of living, but they are appropriate for the country house style. Checked and striped patterns are popular – and even wallpaper with a floral pattern looks good here.

Country Style Trend

Country style in different forms

The more romantic country house style relies on floral patterns and fine textiles. Lace doilies and various pastel colors go well with this. For Scandinavia fans, the Nordic-style country house style is in vogue. Blue and green are the colors of choice here, and elements of the cozy hygge style are welcome . The British-inspired cottage style, which is reminiscent of noble country estates in Great Britain and impresses with rather strong colors and dark wood, looks more elegant and noble.

Colors that always go well with a country house style are sand and earth tones as well as shades of gray – such as slate or dove grey. The soft colors in the country house style form more of a backdrop against which more powerful splashes of color then come into their own. Such accents – for example with cushions on the sofa or picture frames on the walls – you set, for example, in cherry red or lemon yellow.

This furniture fits the country style

If you want to furnish your house in a country style, you do not necessarily have to buy new furniture. You can also often find them at flea markets or antique dealers. Wood and rattan are the preferred materials, and solid wood furniture also goes particularly well with the British country style trend.

With a little craftsmanship, you can even adapt some of this furniture to your own style of living: Rough surfaces and worn corners harmonize with the country house style, as do simple wooden chairs and tables that you paint white yourself. The country house style can also be designed in a modern way: Cozy, large armchairs and elegant showcases go well with this .

Natural country style decoration

The right decoration also makes the country house style trend. Natural materials are also popular here: pieces of wood and self-collected stones as decoration, clay and ceramic bowls in the kitchen, natural linen and cotton fabrics for curtains and blankets. A special eye-catcher is a lovingly designed dining table with porcelain dishes, old silver cutlery and matching napkin rings. Flowers should not be missing as a decoration in country style: you can place them anywhere, even in the bathroom or on the work table.

What you can find outside in the course of the seasons in terms of natural material is also suitable as a suitable decoration: dandelions in summer, chestnuts in autumn, pussy willows in winter – it is precisely this natural diversity that makes the trend of the country house style.

Country Style Trend