Connecticut Public Schools by County

When the Connecticut valley was first explored by the Dutch Adriaen Block in 1614, the region is populated by Amerindians from the Algonquins group, notably the Mohicans and the Pequots.

The fur trade is developing rapidly, prompting the British to found a commercial counter in Windsor from 1635. The fertile soils and forest riches attract Massachusetts Puritan settlers very quickly; an important immigration is then put in place, provoking the lifting of Pequots that are exterminated by the colonists (1636-1637). However, in 1662, a royal letter, on the initiative of Charles II of England, allows the frontiers of the future state to be fixed.

Vigorously opposed to the Stamp Act (“stamp law”) adopted in 1765, Connecticut actively takes part in the American War of Independence and pays a heavy toll, as the British burn Danbury in 1777, and crushed New Haven, Fairfield and Norwalk in 1779. Among the thirteen founding states, Connecticut is the fifth to join the Union, on January 9, 1788.

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The civil war favors the economic expansion of the State (industries, banks and railways). Urbanization following the population growth causes a specialization of agriculture, turned to the supply of large consumer homes (proximity to New York and Boston). Industrialization is accompanied by an influx of European immigrants from Ireland, Italy, Russia and Germany, and economic development continues after World War II, particularly in insurance and defense-related industries.

Universities in Connecticut

Yale University
The private Yale University is one of the most renowned and well-known universities in the world. The university, founded in 1701, is the third oldest in the USA and is a member of the Ivy League. To date, Yale University has trained 49 Nobel Prize winners, 5 US Presidents and 19 Supreme Court judges. Over 11,000 students are currently enrolled at the university. The main campus of the university in the city of New Haven is one of the most beautiful of its kind. In addition to the many historic buildings, there are numerous museums and theaters here.


University of Connecticut
The State University of Connecticut is located in Storrs in northeastern Connecticut. In addition to the main campus in Storrs, the University of Connecticut has additional locations in Groton, Stamford, Torrington, Waterbury and West Hartford. The university has earned a special reputation in the areas of family studies, health management, law, education and dentistry. The University of Connecticut was founded in 1881 and is now one of the best state universities in the United States. Currently there are more than 30,000 students studying here.


Trinity College in Hartford
The private Trinity College in Hartford City was founded in 1823, making it the second oldest college in the state after Yale University. Today around 2,300 students study here on one of the most beautiful campuses in the world. Here visitors will find numerous impressive historical buildings such as the sandstone church Trinity College Chapel from the 1930s. This church is particularly worth seeing in the warm evening light.


East Catholic High School – Manchester

The East Catholic High School is a private school in Manchester, Connecticut. The boarding school is currently attended by 750 students in grades 9 to 12. In addition to American students, students from many different countries attend school, but the share of international students is still low at 4% for boarding schools. The campus is large and beautifully situated. The equipment with the student houses, fitness center, theater, art studio, sports fields, a swimming pool and much more leaves nothing to be desired.

The school offers many great different courses and the students get their money’s worth with the AP courses, which are taught at college level. At AP level, subjects such as chemistry, biology, English literature, mathematics, music theory and history can be taken. The school offers a total of 15 different AP courses, so the selection is very large. For those who are not interested in AP courses, there are of course many interesting subjects to choose from, including anatomy, journalism and marketing. The school has also been recognized as a “Blue Ribbon High School”.

A wide variety is offered to students in the areas of sport and art. These include horse riding or field hockey in autumn, ice hockey or cheerleading in winter or playing tennis in spring. Students can try their hand at school theater or be part of theater production, take part in an animation course, take a photography course or try film production.

The boarding students live in beautiful family homes directly outside the campus in a family atmosphere. Here the students are looked after around the clock by the “dorm parents” and on the weekends great activities such as bowling, shopping or skiing take place. Of course, the students are always offered new activities and excursions so that it doesn’t get boring.

Connecticut is part of the New Zealand states and a great country to spend your year abroad. The state borders Rhode Island, Massachusetts and New York. The New England states are known for their very good level of education, so there are many Ivy League universities here, one of the most famous is probably the Yale University in New Haven. There are beautiful mountains, lakes, beaches and much more.

Public Schools in Connecticut by County

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