Colour Chaser Is Updated with Features Multiplayer, Online Bookmarks, and Achievements

It is never more talk about games that have recently received an update, and more when it’s a game made by a small Spanish study that makes its first steps in Android to try to get ahead. The creators of Duncan & Katy threw long game Colour Chaser, that by the time it has managed an acceptable amount of downloads to continue the development.
The first thing have updated this time have been light errors which have been finding, which is always welcome, but that is the least. Added a feature of Multiplayer via bluetooth, that allows us to compete against others to achieve the best score of the two, which significantly increases the gameplay.
They have also used to add markers online and achievements thanks Google Play Games Services, to get games that take advantage of the system. Besides that they have greatly improved the artistic style, with more effects when they explode bubbles and small corrections in the artistic section. To finish, have lowered the price of the purchase in-app only €0.50

Colour Chaser Version 1.01

  • Version of Android: Since 2.0.1
  • Developer: Francisco David Moreno Perez