Colors in the Living Room: Always the Right Mood

As early as the beginning of the 20th century, the Danish doctor Niels Ryberg Finsen proved that the colors in our living room have an effect on our body. He even received a Nobel Prize for his research into light therapy – and today, more than 100 years later, we can still benefit from his discoveries. Because: With the right colors in your living room, you can create the right atmosphere for relaxation, sociability or creativity. We’ll tell you which color goes with which room. To see creative wall paneling, please check bestcraftblog.

Use living room colors – but please with feeling!

Each primary color is said to have a different effect on people. Thus, some living room colors are better suited for the bedroom, others for the living room or the kitchen. But of course your taste and personal preferences are the deciding factors: You know best what you feel comfortable with.

Using colors in your living space does not necessarily mean that you paint all the walls in this color. Selected furniture can set wonderful color accents, and even the smallest decorative elements in the appropriate colors sometimes have an effect. Keep that in mind as you dive into the magical world of colors.

Colors in the Living Room

Blue as a color in your living room: rest and relaxation

Blue represents harmony, trust, calm and beauty. It is therefore the ideal color for rooms where you want to relax: for example your living room, your bedroom or the children’s room if the children mainly sleep there.

As a living room color, however, blue has other great properties: it makes small rooms appear larger and can thus enhance a narrow hallway or a small bathroom, for example. Blue also goes well with the country house style .

Living room color green for safety and security

Green is also one of the calming colors for a living space. Safety and security are associated with green tones, but the color of the meadows and forests is also said to promote creativity. That’s why it not only fits into the bedroom, but is also a good choice for your study. By the way, turquoise is good there, especially if you work a lot in front of the screen: Turquoise allows the eyes to relax better.

Orange stands for sociability

Good mood, cozy atmosphere, nice get-together – all these things are supported by the color orange in your living room. It’s the perfect color for your kitchen, and orange looks good in other shared spaces too. But watch out: the color orange is said to increase appetite! If you’re on a diet, you might want to opt for a different color.

Red as the living room color of vitality

Red has an invigorating effect, brings energy and increases vitality. It is even supposed to stimulate the metabolism and blood circulation. A color that should definitely have a place in your living room – but not necessarily as the main wall or furnishing color. In this case, too much of a good thing can make you restless or even aggressive.

Nevertheless, there are many great ideas for the living room color red, because it can be used to set wonderfully invigorating accents: red cushions on the sofa , red picture frames or red flowers on the living room table . Red shelves on white walls are also eye-catching splashes of color that bring life into your home.

Make your living space bright and cheerful with yellow paint

Yellow is the sun, and the color has the same effect on us in the living room: cheerful, optimistic, in a good mood. It is best to receive your visitors in the yellow entrance area. Or you can use the imagination and creativity stimulated by yellow in your study so that you always stay in a good mood here.

Purple, the color of kings

In the past, violet was a difficult color to produce. No wonder that it was reserved for the nobility and kings. Even today, violet as a color brings a touch of luxury and exoticism into our living space.

In addition, violet is considered the color of spirituality. So if you want to set up a meditation corner or create a small wellness area in your home, purple is the ideal color for it. Due to its importance, this color is also made for the living space of artists: Here intuition and creativity can flow and new works of art can be created.

Even more ideas for your living room colors

Have you decided on the right colors? Great – then round off your living concept by giving it the finishing touches with the following tips:

  • Light and dark living room colors: Each color comes in countless shades. As a rule, lighter colors are suitable for the walls, while you set accents with darker nuances.
  • Furnishing with grayand white: Many colors can be ideally combined with gray, and with white you create the necessary contrast so that your home doesn’t look too colourful.
  • The right decoration: Have you ever dealt with copper decorations? This material is incredibly versatile and can be combined with almost any color.

We hope you enjoy bringing color into your living space!

Colors in the Living Room