Choosing the Right Furniture for the Wardrobe

There are areas of home decor that everyone enjoys throwing themselves into. This primarily includes the sleeping and living areas. The bathroom can also be a place where you like to let off steam decoratively. However, the hallway and the associated cloakroom are usually further down the popularity scale. This is understandable, because after all, you never stay there for long and rather touch the area in passing. On the other hand, the hallway and the cloakroom are the visiting card of the house. Because the first thing you see when entering an apartment or house is the entrance area. With our ideas you can rearrange your wardrobe and make it a jewel in your home!

Ideas for the wardrobe: the basics

Before you start setting up your wardrobe, it is best to take a close look at the location of your choice: What are the lighting conditions like? Where can large wardrobe furniture be positioned well, and where should smaller ones be positioned? Are there hidden corners that can be used particularly well? To see carpets and floors decoration, please check listofledlights.

The next step is to determine what your wardrobe must be able to do: How many items should it accommodate? What kind of clothes, shoes, sporting goods, fishing gear do you want to put in it? In any case, be generous with this calculation, because firstly the space requirement increases over time and secondly it is often underestimated. Then it’s about the style: Would you like to set up your wardrobe in a modern, classic, playful or functional way? The more questions you answer in advance, the clearer the picture and the ideas for your dream wardrobe will develop.

Choosing the Right Furniture for the Wardrobe

Setting up the wardrobe: But I don’t have any space!

You don’t actually need a lot of space to implement creative wardrobe ideas, because even a narrow hallway can be used well for a small wardrobe. Here, for example, a wall wardrobe or a closet in which you can stow jackets and coats are ideal. A shelf for hats and caps can be attached in a few simple steps.

If your small hallway has sufficiently high ceilings, you can also install a hanging cupboard as a second ceiling: Here you can store bulky items almost invisibly, even in small entrance areas. A small basket in the hallway (e.g. for hats and scarves) creates order without taking up much space.

Strategically placed mirrors are also a great idea for a visually larger hallway. In your small wardrobe, they also make sure that you can check your outfit again before you leave your apartment.

Choosing the right furniture for the wardrobe

Depending on how much space your wardrobe offers you, your creative freedom will of course also vary. A wardrobe can be a good idea for your wardrobe here: The wardrobe keeps the hallway from clutter, offers plenty of storage space and can be arranged clearly. A wardrobe with an already integrated mirror is also practical. Another good idea for your wardrobe: With a made-to -measure wardrobe , you get a piece of furniture in the entrance area that is exactly tailored to the spatial conditions in your apartment.

If your wardrobe is a bit more spacious, a small couch could give it a cozy touch. At the same time, you create a relaxed place to put on and take off your shoes. Guests can also put their jackets, scarves and coats on it. If this idea is too extravagant for you, a bench might suit you as wardrobe furniture. If your wardrobe is mainly made of wood, a simple wooden bench is a good choice here.

Choosing the Right Furniture for the Wardrobe