Canopy Beds – the Fine Way to Make a Bed

Most people probably only know four-poster beds from fairy tales: a velvety curtain billows over a huge bed overflowing with pillows and ensures that the princess or the king can enjoy their royal sleep undisturbed. Even today, four-poster beds are still part of the standard furnishing in very few private households – except perhaps in children’s rooms or in households in which value is placed on special furnishings in the bedrooms. In our article you will learn more about the fairytale world of four-poster beds and how you can also integrate one into your bedroom. To see decorate rooms with a new look, please check bestcraftblog.

The rarity of four-poster beds in private households is actually very surprising, because the sky over four-poster beds offers a very special feeling of security. And waking up is also much gentler, because the protective sky ensures that you are not torn into the world immediately after waking up, but can find yourself in peace and in complete safety.

Since when have there been four-poster beds?

Even if four-poster beds fit very well into our time and there are many very modern models, the four-poster bed is a very, very old invention that has its origins in the Middle Ages: the four-poster bed is a bed with four posts that are connected to each other by a roof ring . The sky spanning this crown was originally called the canopy. Valuables were often hidden in this bed canopy, hence the expression “putting something on the high edge”, which is still common today.

Canopy Beds

In the Middle Ages, people sat on the bed during the day and then closed the curtains to sleep, forming a so-called alcove. The advantage of this bed construction was that you could protect your private sphere while being protected from onlookers and did not have to freeze at night in the rooms that were hardly heated at all at that time. From the 13th century, the four-poster beds became more and more luxurious: increasingly fine, embroidered fabrics were used for the canopy, and the wood of the bed frame was often decorated and painted with hand-carved patterns. Over time, the beds also became so large that whole families could fit in them and the four-poster bed stood in the living room like a house of its own.

Four-poster beds today

There are now many different variants of the four-poster bed: from very modern and simple four-poster beds in white to classic variants with velvet curtains and decorated wooden frames to four-poster beds for children, everything is included. Four-poster beds do not necessarily have to be more expensive than “normal” beds.

In addition, they can be wonderfully individually designed: With different canopy fabrics, four-poster beds can not only be ideally matched to the wardrobes or sofas in the bedroom, but can also be varied again and again depending on your mood.

Canopy beds: Heavenly sleep for everyone!

Would you also like to sleep under a bed canopy? If you make sure that your new four-poster bed fits well in the planned location, nothing stands in the way. But keep in mind that even if the dimensions are not necessarily larger than in a “normal bed”, the four-poster bed looks bulkier overall due to the canopy.

It is also important that you coordinate the color of the curtain well with the rest of your bedroom furnishings. Does its color match your decor and bedding? Does the wood of your four-poster bed match the wood of your bedroom furniture? You should definitely clarify these questions in advance.

Also keep in mind that a four-poster bed “eats” a lot of light through the large area of ​​the curtain. It is therefore best not to place the bed in front of a window in such a way that the room behind the bed is completely dark.