California State University Los Angeles Student Review


My name is Juline and I am studying business administration in my 5th semester. Last semester, I studied in the Spring Quarter at California State University Los Angeles . But more about that below:

Selection of the university

I ultimately chose California State University Los Angeles because of its location within California because I think it’s a good starting point for travel. Of course, the relative proximity to the sea should not be neglected (approx. 45 minutes by car).

Since it was my first stay abroad for such a long time, 3 months was a good start for me. However, they went around too quickly. If I were to go abroad again, I would definitely try to plan a longer stay, because that way the contacts with people can become more intensive and develop and, of course, it brings even more in terms of the language.

Apartment Search

Together with a friend from Germany who also studied with me in Los Angeles during this period, I booked a room in Germany through Airbnb . So I had a point of contact in LA straight away. We decided on this type of accommodation because it offered us a reasonably priced room with a rent of $ 500 p.p. P. had found.

Why didn’t I choose the campus? I had also heard several opinions about the dorms and was unsure whether it was really a place to live in. Since I got to know two friends who lived in the dorms during my time, I can now say with a clear conscience that in retrospect I would have liked to have lived there too. Because the dorms were not much more expensive than my accommodation and with life in the dorms you simply have another chance to meet more great people.

Student life and free time

A few days before the start of the university, there was an orientation day at the university for international students . That was great because you could meet like-minded people and make your first contacts.

As far as the course allocation is concerned, I would recommend that you first go to the same course at several times as part of the class crashing . Because I’ve had the experience that some courses were actually overcrowded and the lot decided who was allowed to join the course. So I didn’t just go to the courses that were offered at the times I wanted, but to all kinds of courses. In the end, I got all of the courses I wanted and was able to put together a good schedule. I have the courses “ Organizational behavior ” (307), “ Operations management ” (306) and “ Economics”(202) proven. For me it was no problem to do well in the courses with a little study. I went to university on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Since the lectures were compressed into two days, my days were of course a bit longer, which was still nothing compared to my German schedule. In addition, I always had a long weekend to travel.

By the way: I could always buy good food on campus for a long day. And my schedule also gave me time for singing in the choir (also on the “full” unit days!). It was great to sing in a choir because I met great people there. Doing a leisure activity at the university is certainly helpful in getting to know new people.


Since I wanted to see a lot in my semester abroad , it was immediately clear to me that my girlfriend and I needed a car . In LA, the public transport network is not very well developed and, in my perception, it is sometimes very difficult to get from A to B. When we went on excursions with our friends, for example to the sea, we always took our car. Since I am 20, I was not allowed to register as a driver with the vast majority of car rental companies. Therefore an important tip for all under-21-year-olds: In San Diego I was able to rent a car as a 20-year-old at Dirt Cheap Car Rentals at good conditions (both in terms of price and insurance)! I highly recommend it.

According to Usprivateschoolsfinder, LA is a great starting point for exploring California. From the coast of San Diego to Yosemite Park to the Grand Canyon everything was there.

Personal conclusion

I am so happy that I was able to do a semester abroad in America. I was able to take so much with me for my future life that I wouldn’t want to miss this great experience. I can only warmly recommend everyone to jump into the adventure!

California State University Los Angeles