California State University Channel Islands Review (10)

The University

The CSUCI is a very small university with only around 5,000 students. Of course, this has both advantages and disadvantages. A big advantage is that you can get your desired courses without any problems and the courses were absolutely not overcrowded. In my largest course there were around 35 people, in my smallest only 9 people. The courses were really great and the lecturers always helped you.

The disadvantage is, of course, that it was often not so busy and the university was rather quiet, but maybe that’s a plus for you.

The location

According to, Camarillo itself is very tranquil and unfortunately doesn’t have much to offer. But it’s a great starting point for traveling and you can get somewhere quickly during the semester. So LA or, one of my favorite cities, Santa Barbara is only an hour away, the beach is 15 minutes away and if you want to go hiking there is also a lot in the area. The hiking opportunities in the Malibu Mountains or, even closer, the Chumash Trail directly on Highway 1 are very nice.

So something for everyone.

A tip from me: Just walk along the PCH or explore the surrounding cities and the many beaches. There are really dream beaches, such as Leo Carillo, Zuma Beach or Hollywood Beach in Oxnard.

The course offer

Since it is, as I said, a very small university, the range of courses is of course not huge, but especially as a business student you should find what you are looking for. Unfortunately, the university is on the road a bit at the moment. Teamwork, teamwork and more teamwork… so I had group work in every course. Great for getting to know people, of course, but at some point a little annoying to write together papers and organize presentations together. It takes a lot longer than if you would sometimes do it alone and your own grade is of course always heavily dependent on who you are lucky or unlucky with to be in the team with.

I have taken the following courses:

  • Project Management 471 at Minder Chen

Higher course, therefore very few students, 2 exams, a presentation and a small group project. The workload during the semester is not particularly high, but the lessons are very boring and learning the PowerPoint slides is exhausting, was not necessarily my favorite course. However, the rating is very good.

  • Accounting 220 at Frank Intiso

At first I found it a little difficult because of all the specialist vocabulary, but as soon as you understand the terms, everything works. The lecturer is really nice and always interested in international students. 3 midterms, a final exam and a small homework assignment every week

  • Entrepreneurial Management at Michael Seay

Super interesting course, motivated lecturer. Small assignments during the semester, no final, but a large group project (business plan). Graded a little more strictly

  • Consumer Behavior with Susan Andrejewski

My absolute favorite course. The lecturer is super nice and manages to give exciting, interactive lectures. 2 exams and a group project. Grading fair.

In summary, you can write good to very good grades here in CA without having to forego anything. I’ve always traveled a lot and if you set your schedule well, you can have a long weekend. For example, I only had university from Tuesday to Thursday, I would say worse going.


Buy a car !!! Without it it is really annoying, because public transportation is available and not expensive, but in the evenings and on weekends the connections are catastrophic or non-existent.


I lived with a host family. Got my own bathroom and room for $ 650. And unfortunately you hardly get away cheaper. Unfortunately, flat shares are not to be found there that often, that’s why I ended up there. In the summer semester there are usually more international students and they have often rented a house together, so just ask around if you are interested in something like that.

I wouldn’t necessarily recommend Campus Housing right now. I met a lot of people who were dissatisfied with their roommates, strict rules regarding alcohol and a room you have to share too.


Absolutely recommendable. Had a great semester abroad in California and would do it again anytime. Have seen and experienced so much! But really count on enough money. Spent a lot more than planned. Of course, it could also have been the result of a lot of shopping, traveling and enjoying life… But in other words: Who wants to save money on their semester abroad !?

California State University Channel Islands Review 10